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New Media Kit News

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 30 Aug, 2004 @ 8:45 PM

And back to our regularly scheduled (once a month or so) news posts…

Caught over at IsComputerOn that Marcus has gotten the Haiku Media Kit working with Zeta RC3, and that Marco (not Marcus) is aware of issues with the Media Kit and SoundPlay, and will have SoundPlay working with the new media kit as things stabilize. Good news on that front all around.

BeGroovy Becomes Front Page for BeDoper

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 30 Aug, 2004 @ 8:39 PM

Since it seems the only news lately from us is about BeDoper, and since we hold the old content of the original BeDope (Icon Tarot, Haiku Generator, and Quotable JLG), I hereby decree that BeGroovy is now the front end to BeDoper.

In all seriousness (or without all seriousness, depending upon how you look at it), a new article there concerns the birthday greeting (if you can call it that) that Eugenia posted on OS News (note the lack of a link - I’m boycotting OS News’ bias editorial opinion). At least BeDoper can still make me smile after reading Eugenia’s article. Yes, I’m torqued a bit. Thanks BeDope. :)

My PERSONAL Take on OS News and Eugenia - click here -> 

Flame Wars Galore

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 16 Aug, 2004 @ 5:29 AM

BeDoper, always up to mischief, has done it again… Go check it out.

NeoMagic Testers Needed!

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 05 Aug, 2004 @ 9:02 PM

Rudolf, the man who made my nVidia-based laptop go into beautiful widescreen under BeOS, needs your help. He writes

I’ve hit some major hardware faults, and I’ve released a new (already old again ;-) version 0.06. (current is 0.09 from the build factory!)… I need people to test the 0.09 CVS driver for me before I can setup the workarounds for the faults that exist!

You can read the full story and help him out.

I know for a fact, from experience, that Rudolf is a very responsive developer, and will do everything he can to get your hardware working properly. But he needs your help and your debug logs to do it!

Boneyard Wireless Tab

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 05 Aug, 2004 @ 8:56 PM

Caught over at IsComputerOn that there is a new add-on for Boneyard out that will help laptop users configuring wireless cards. It adds a tab to Boneyard (the preference panel for BeOS Networking Environment - BONE - users) that takes configuration of a wireless card out of text configs and into the gui. Great news!

Zeta Seeing the Morning Sun

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 04 Aug, 2004 @ 9:34 PM

Caught this first over at IsComputerOn - yellowTab has struck partnerships with two Japanese companies to sell desktops and laptops with Zeta preinstalled. Dijoubou-ney. :)

Whispering to your AC97 Soundcard

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 02 Aug, 2004 @ 3:11 AM

yellowTab has made two very interesting announcements of late:

First: A contest to develop a fully functional (ie, record) AC97 soundcard for OSBOS compatible platforms - specifically Zeta and Haiku. There’s money and wares involved as a prize.

Second: A new NetMeeting-like (and compatible) application called Whisper. Voice Over IP (VoIP) will be a nice productivity-centric addition to Zeta’s application compilation to attract new business oriented customers.

Coffee and Dope[r] Don’t Co-Exist

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 02 Aug, 2004 @ 2:34 AM

Sandwich Boy is at it again with yet another Dope scoop. Be Warned: beverages, especially late night coffee, are not recommended while reading this one. The response to SCO made me lose my coffee all over. ;)

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