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Being Groovy

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 30 Jun, 2004 @ 11:13 PM
Site News

Okay, so altp pulled some stats for me (I didn’t even know this was hosted by him!) - averaging 1,126 visits a day. That’s enough to tell me that we need to stick it out. :) I had thought we were less than 100, judging by the forum activity, but it appears I was just being doomy and gloomy. ;)

Also, Allnew appears from the ether to help with a redesign. For those that do not know, Allnew (aka Adam Olson) was one of the founders of BeGroovy, and has done pretty much all the graphics you have seen here over the various iterations of BeGroovy (minus that ugly blue and gold one I did in 1.0 that still shows up on BeBits once in a while).

So, at any rate, we’ll stay on the server we are on, taking our time to migrate whatever it is we need to move over to a newly designed site, and TRY to kick things in gear here again.

That all said, any volunteers with coding a new version of the site, or after completion, news posting, article writing, and/or forum moderation - or if you just have an idea or comment on new/current features, email me!

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