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To Be[Groovy] Or Not To Be[Groovy]…

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 29 Jun, 2004 @ 2:46 AM
Site News

Okay, so here’s a topic that always ends up hot…

With the name change to Haiku, does BeGroovy change it’s name and start anew?

On one hand, BeGroovy has long been there for news and chat, as slow as things have been lately, we are still here. BeGroovy was a name chosen with a unthought about side benefit - it can be used in many a situation, and didn’t explicitly rely on Be in the name of the OS it supported.

But then, Haiku brings a new era to the BeOS community. It reeks of old, classic Be, yet is fresh as a spring breeze through the community. A site should move from it’s past and be re-invigorated with this new life, even at the expense of the old.

However, with Haiku’s new forums, and with the other news sites out there - and the lack posts to these forums and lack of enthusiasm to post news here - we haven’t gotten a single news submission in over a year - it’s all what we find and post, and we don’t post duplicate news unless specifically important.

Now, our server has only 1 month of life left. Yez and I need to move the entire site to a new server somewhere else, which will include a lot of re-coding and exporting/importing data - a lot of time that I’m not sure we have to commit to the task. Or we pay for the server and just leave things as is, at a loss to us (money for the ‘extra’ server), but we can keep the data intact as is.

Just starting anew or calling it done is more tempting with that upcoming task or the extra costs in mind.

It seems BeGroovy is now at a fork in the road. One path must be chosen, and the decision must be made soon. Which road to take? I leave that to you…

So, vote awayPost your thoughts

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