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yellowTAB going to CeBIT

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Posted by:Jon on Tuesday, 02 Mar, 2004 @ 6:09 PM

yellowTAB announced today that the company will be attending the CeBIT IT and telecommunications fair. CeBIT is one of the largest technology fairs in the world and is being held in Hannover, Germany from 18th - 24th March. CVO Bernd Korz says the company plans on presenting ZETA and the newly claimed Zintro at the fair.
Pictures of the slim line Zintro and the new multimedia interface yellowTAB plans to produce can be seen in this OSnews article.

BeZilla Donations

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Posted by:Jon on Tuesday, 02 Mar, 2004 @ 7:02 AM

The BeZilla development team is in need of a few donations from the community. The BeZilla tinder box is becoming more and more unreliable and has recently experienced some down time. The team is looking into possible upgrades for the server, including hardware donations from the community and paypal donations.
On the same note, the Bezilla folk are looking into jump starting the development of a PPC build for BeOS. The libraries needed to be ported first are listed in this news item. Anyone with PPC experience give it a go.

IMkit Alpha 9

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Posted by:Jon on Tuesday, 02 Mar, 2004 @ 6:39 AM

A new version of the BeOS IMkit has recently been released over at BeClan. Along with some initial bug fixes the new version sports an updated deskbar replicant and now supports the AIM network protocol. Though I havenít yet grabbed the new download, I here the ICQ protocol wont work without BONE for the time being. If youíre looking for a quick download head over to the BeClan project page or look here for the all the builds from the first to Alpha 9.

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