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WCDesign.com, Changing Email

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 11 Jun, 2003 @ 11:26 AM
Bits N

Just want to throw out a couple of small bits…

John Fehr, the man behind WCDesign, Civ:CTP and many other cool games ported to BeOS, has been through some tough times. He is now selling off the last reminant of his ties to BeOS and his legacy there - the wcdesign.com domain name. It is up for auction here. It’s already up to $100USD, so evidently there is some demand for it. So you BeOS collector’s out there can now own a domain with a bit o’ history, if that interests you. Happy bidding - and it’s still for a good cause! :)

Next up… I’ll be changing my email address over the next couple of months. I am getting about a 5-1 ratio of spam to regular traffic on deej@beunited.org now, and that includes mailing list traffic on the side of regular traffic - and I’m on a lot of mailing lists! I’ve used deej@beunited.org for so long, I feel that I can’t just shut it off anymore… so, keep your eye out on my posts and/or replies for the new email address, as I’m not going to post it here (a lot of spam comes from posting to this site - it’s been around for going on 5 years now). Around Aug, deej@beunited.org will start bouncing. Also, you can always get me at my personal email address, which is firstname@lastname.com (of course, changing that to reflect _my_ name). :)

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