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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 02 Apr, 2003 @ 11:39 AM
Site News

Once again, we are back from the dead. Domains are still resolving (i.e. the forums are down as I write this) and tweaks are still happening (i.e. i just fixed the haiku generator)…. but overall, BeGroovy is back on the air.

Our old dedicated server crashed and burned in a pretty spectacular manner… not only was it having hardware instability issues, but it was also hacked to the point that the kernel itself contained script kiddie security holes. It has since been fired. We now have a new host, Rackspace, who pride themselves on fanatical support and server security, etc. This means that the site should load faster, and be down far far far far far less than it has been over the past year. It’s not cheap, but having a 24/7 phone hotline to get problems solved instantly is worth every penny.

On another note, the long awaited forum merge between here and synapselounge is still underway. The lounge now has several new (and hidden) forums prepared to house content from this location, and the algorithms to merge the id tables are being written. Our first crack at it went well, but had some data leaks. We will keep testing until we get it right and won’t lose a single bit of the data we have collected over the years. Then we will do it for real. Until then, things on the begroovy forums will be business as usual.

In any case, thanks for bearing with us while we experienced our growing pains (or shrinking pains, as the case may be.) I will be contacting all our new contributors to give them the updated secure server sign in to post, so we can get the news flow ramping up around here. :)

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