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BeGeistert 10 information

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Posted by:Todd on Monday, 17 Mar, 2003 @ 2:53 PM
Submitted News

Some information about the next BeGeistert has popped up on the web in the last few days. The most important information is that the location of the gathering has changed. It will be held at the Düsseldorf Youth Hostel, near the center of Düsseldorf, on the banks of the Rhine. This means an end to the pizza and the introduction of a lunch buffet. It also means that anyone wanting to go will need to register further in advance than previously. Go to the BeGeistert website to register. Registration will cost €20, plus an extra €26 or so if you plan on staying overnight. There is more complete information over at The BeOS Journal (the .org one, not the .net one) and at a seemingly no longer defunct BeFAQs. Good to see BeGirl decided to come back to play some more.

OpenBeOS Updates

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 09 Mar, 2003 @ 12:34 PM

Well, after a long absense of news, OpenBeOS has posted a few new updates. These include a new newsletter, a midikit milestone, and another appearance my Michael Phipps on internet radio, scheduled for right now. Read on for details..

yellowTab news

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Posted by:Todd on Thursday, 06 Mar, 2003 @ 9:51 PM

A couple of interesting pieces of news from yellowTab. First, they are going to be at CeBIT, “the world’s largest IT and telecommunications fair.” This is sure to bring lots of exposure to the Zeta project. The second bit of news is that they are planning on publishing a “Zeta Bible.” The expected cost is going to be $49.00.

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beunited.org begins posting builds of its projects at BeBits

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Posted by:Todd on Thursday, 06 Mar, 2003 @ 9:23 PM

beunited.org has been accumulating the source code to several BeOS applications that were no longer being supported by their original authors. Recently they posted updated version of ArtPaint, ReName!, Flipside A.E., and Army Knife to BeBits, as part of their effort to bring needed apps to the BeOS community.

Three of those four programs I use fairly regularly, so I think this is pretty cool. beunited.org also states in the anouncement that they have the goal of becoming a SourceForge-like portal for BeOS/OSBOS projects, which is a very interesting proposition, to say the least. Go to their website for more info.

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