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Brief outage

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 01 Feb, 2003 @ 4:55 PM
Site News

Apologies for the hopefully brief outage last night. I just noticed that the server was down today, and Site5 got it up and running within 5 minutes.

The issue is a remnant of our last major outage, in which one of our hard disks failed, and we crammed it all on the other disk. This means some very important parts of our disk are almost full. We are looking into pricing for replacing the initial hard disk so that we can spread things out and stabilize them, etc… it will happen as soon as we can afford it regardless, but if anyone wants to help us out so we can get it done sooner, it would be appreciated. email me if you want to help or whatever.

Anyway, we will try to stay on top of these things. All services should be up and functioning properly, including bemail which essentially is good to go for 3 more years (at least), provided we can get some server stability. :-/

Anyway, apologies for the outage. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

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