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BeDope’s narrow non-return

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 29 Jan, 2003 @ 10:07 AM

So it seems Mike Popovic isn’t quite as missing as we thought. He used to run BeDope, but that ended quite a while back when it bought AOL Time Warner, forming BeDope AOL Time Warner, or when Mike got bored. Whichever is more likely.

In any case, it seems that he is still doing BeDope like things, but on a slightly smaller scale. Things such as HipShake, a site developed for the HipTop, which in turn was developed by Danger, where it’s email component was developed by Kenny Carruthers, who previously developed Postmaster (get it free as binary here; opensourcing it never happened) for BeOS. Whew!

Anyway, HipShake looks like fun. It hasn’t been updated in over a month, but hey… for a while there, neither had we. Maybe this will motivate Mike to pick it up again. Oh, and he has a note on the BeDope frontpage about a new project. (Hint: Look at the top of the right column). Finally, if you miss the original BeDope, why not check out BeDoper or Twisted Thread, both pretty darned good attempts at keeping the spirit alive.

New OpenBeOS PCL5 Printer Driver

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 29 Jan, 2003 @ 9:05 AM

Michael Pfeiffer, OpenBeOS Printing Kit lead, has released a PCL5 compatible printer driver based on Y.Takagi’s libprint, which is in the OBOS cvs servers. Apparently this made it easy to write raster print drivers, and to prove it Michael whipped this one up.

The PCL5 compatible driver powers many popular printers (such as HP Deskjets), and is available in an early form for download and testing here. If you are feeling fancy, you could follow these directions to build from source.

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