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New BeOS Audio Driver needs testers

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 19 Aug, 2002 @ 3:33 PM

Ok.. so this post at osnews is by a guy working on a driver for BeOS Audio. It supports several chipsets that cover cards such as:

Best Union Miss Melody 4DWave PCI
Warpspeed ONSpeed 4DWave PCI
AzTech PCI 64-Q3D
CHIC True Sound 4Dwave
Shark Predator4D-PCI
Jaton SonicWave 4D.
Hoontech’s Digital-NX
Aztech’s PCI 288-Q3D II
Addonics’ SoundVision 750 and SoundVision 1700.

If you can help the guy out and test his driver, head over there and get in touch with him!

Update: To clarify, here are the actual chipsets the driver is for:

vendor:1039 (Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS))
card_id:7018 (SiS7018 PCI Audio Accelerator - part of sis630 chipset)

vendor:10b9 (Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi))
card_id:5451 (PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device)

vendor:1023 (Trident Microsystems)
card_id:2001 (4DWave(NX) PCI Audio)

vendor:1023 (Trident Microsystems)
card_id:2000 (4DWave(DX) PCI Audio)

Note: you could have gotten this from clicking the link, but some people seem to think omitting it here is erroneous, so it’s now added. ;P Anyway, Enjoy!

BeOS Icons for OS X and OpenBeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 19 Aug, 2002 @ 9:56 AM
Art / Image

Last week I heard from a BeOS fan, Matthew McClintock. He has created some BeOS Icons for OS X. This is great for everyone using OS X who misses Be, but doesn’t help Be itself. However, after I pointed out that OpenBeOS needs icons, Matt was surprised and agreed whole heartedly to helping out. He has said:

But of course! I had no idea that the larger icons could be re-worked
for one of the BeOS spinoffs (I’ve occasionally run into news on
OpenBeOS, but haven’t followed it closely).

I’d be delighted to be able to contribute to the project - I’d prefer
to begin by doing the actual work, but if for whatever reason I can’t
cut the mustard I’ll provide my Illustrator files to whoever *can* cut

In other words, OpenBeOS has a volunteer icon designer, if they want it. And they can have them all in vector format… which means that for R1 they OBOS can render them down to 32×32 pixel, and in the future can go vector with larger icons, as discussed in this forum thread. All in all, not a bad deal. I hope someone from OBOS reads this and decides to email Matt and get him involved. (Not including his email here for anti-spam reasons. Go to his site as linked above and contact him.) :)

As an aside, DAMN those icons are pretty. I really hope OBOS embraces them and puts them in in all their scalable vector glory. :)

OpenBeOS turns 1!

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 19 Aug, 2002 @ 9:48 AM

OpenBeOS turned 1 yesterday, and has published a special Newsletter to commemorate the occasion. Congratulations to all OpenBeOS team members. This is something to be very proud of.

Michael Phipps talks about having a release ready for Christmas. Now /that/ would be impressive, and a lot of fun. Good luck to them on that. I know I am anxious to see the time when it is no longer about getting OpenBeOS to be what R5 is now, and instead is about watching it grow and do new things that BeOS has never (and will never) do.

In any case, good work, and good luck to ya. ;)

Gobe Productive to go GPL - BeOS based

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 12 Aug, 2002 @ 8:27 AM
Gobe Software

Gobe Productive, the famous BeOS (and now Windows/Linux) office suite, is no more. It has been bought by Free Radicals LLC. The good news is that their business plan requires that the entire package be GPL’ed. The even better news is that IIRC, Productive 3 for windows and linux was actually coded to mostly BeAPI and compiled with wrappers to the various platforms. Which means prodctive 3 on BeOS is a VERY real possibility. Read all about it at osnews.

I want to thank Tom and Bruce and all the other great people from Gobe who have worked with us over the years (even after the shift to windows.) It’s a shame to see Gobe, well, go. But it’s great to see such a great product live on.

Javashare 2 Code-a-thon results!

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 07 Aug, 2002 @ 10:59 AM

So Bryan finished his code-a-thon, and it resulted in a Javashare 2 alpha. He sent in a pretty detailed report on how things went. Read on for all the details, and the location of the alpha .jar. :)

Good work Bryan!

BeUnited now official OpenOffice porting team

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 06 Aug, 2002 @ 2:18 PM

BeUnited announced today that they are officially recognized by Sun Microsystems, Inc. as copyright approved for the BeOS port of OpenOffice. Or something like that. Here is their announcement:

We are very pleased to announce that beunited.org has been approved by Sun Microsystems, Inc. as a copyright-approved organization for the porting of OpenOffice to BeOS. The project is in its early stages and beunited.org is asking the BeOS developer community for help by participating in the project. Any BeOS developers wanting to help with the project are asked to join at OpenOffice.org through the BeOS project.

So thats good news then. ;)

If you want to, you can see BeOS listed on OpenOffice.org’s Porting Page and can go sign up to help with the port. Go BeUnited. Good luck with it!

David Reid leaves the OBOS project

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 04 Aug, 2002 @ 9:06 PM
Submitted News

David Reid has left the OpenBeOS project. David guided the net team through all their achievements, and really helped the effort. Thanks David!

Looks like they already have a replacement leader in mind, so this shouldnt slow them down much.. but it would be a good time to volunteer (just as it always is)

Ozone comes back swinging

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 04 Aug, 2002 @ 8:57 PM

Got an interesting email yesterday. It’s in response to the Javashare code-a-thon (sorta) and is from the author of Ozone. (I love this kinda thing) - Here is a direct quote:

“Personally, I have a life and friends… so i’m not going to spend 96 hours
on an Ozone code-a-thon :P And you can quote me on that one ;)

Don’t worry VitViper, we will. And all we have to say is “Ouch! Low blow on that one.” - You gonna take that Bryan? ;)

Here are the updates on Ozone:

Anyway.. seems like there is some friendly competition going on.. which is always nice. Good times for the BeShare crowd. :)

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