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Xentronix releases new Refraction Beta!

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 30 Jun, 2002 @ 5:22 PM
Art / Image

Xentronix has released Beta 5 of Refraction. Get it Here!

Update from the Xentronix news page: Update: Unfortunately the PatternAddon does not work correct on all systems and might crash Refraction on start-up. You know this when it crashes on the second Icon.
We are aware of this and are working to fix it. The pattern addon will be removed from the package in days and be replaced by a combo-box control similar to the brush-selection control.

Refraction Beta Soon

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 28 Jun, 2002 @ 6:34 PM

Refraction beta 5 will be released on the 30th of this month. That be sunday people! Refraction is the new name for Inferno, Xentronix’s Image editing application. Mega cool.

In any case, we will be hosting a mirror when it is released, and we have a TON of information about new features and stuff, including new info about updated Wacom tablet drivers!

Read on for more…

Be completes takeover of Palm, Inc.

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 25 Jun, 2002 @ 5:33 PM
Submitted News

There is an interesting article over at the register about Be. Basically, it’s making the argument that Be officers now hold all the positions of influence at Palm. It implies that instead of simply launching an IA market from the desktop end, they are now going at it from the handheld end, as they evolve into IA’s. It is worth a look.

New Release of Ozone, the multiplatform BeShare client

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 25 Jun, 2002 @ 8:58 AM

Beryliium wrote in with a blatant attempt to get advertising for his new beshare server at beryllium.ca, but we aren’t going to fall for it. No. We are not going to devote space to the fact that he wants more users, or is working hard to make it a great server. That would be us giving priority to the people who take the time to submit news to us, like Beryllium. And we arent going to play favorites like that. ;)

In any case, here is the news: Ozone 1.1.0 Build 49 was just released by VitViper, after a few months of inactivity. Ozone is a multi platform BeShare client. Which is good for us Sell Outs who use Linux and run Windows at work, yet still want to keep up to date on our favorite os, or just chat with old friends.

Guide to building and running the OpenBeOS Kernel version ;)

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 24 Jun, 2002 @ 4:51 PM

Daniel Reinhold over at OpenBeOS has posted a Guide to building and booting OpenBeOS.

Daniel is apparently a large monster made out of nothing but hair and shoes, with an obsession for rabbits. This is, of course, according to Daniel’s statement at the top of his story. And is completely irrelevant.

The relevant part is that OpenBeOS is building and booting quickly, and that there is now talk of tying the openbfs vfs to the openbeos vfs to make one big vfs jamboree on cd which over writes your partition with a barely functioning kernel/openbfs.

Does doing this indicate that one is obsessed? No. Well.. yes actually. Unless you are an OpenBeOS dev. In which case this is an important foundation for adding things to later (such as a full shell and lots of kits)? Does this mean they are making good progress? You bet your ass.

When it comes down to it, I am excited to see it so quickly (not your ass, the openbeos kernel), and look forward to the day that it replaces BeOS entirely. /That/ will be a pretty good day. :)

Inferno renamed - Now Refraction

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 23 Jun, 2002 @ 12:23 AM
Art / Image

Rob Lund wrote in to point out that Xentronix has announced that Inferno, the BeOS-Native image editor, is being renamed to “Refraction”, due to whining from people who make products that have nothing to do with image editing that they also call Inferno. (that last bit about whining is my addition, not Xentronix’s. It’s late. sue me.)

To follow up on this world-changing announcement, they will be releasing a new public beta by the end of the week. Which will obviously rock.

Also, they released a new beta of SampleStudio 1.5. Apparently it has a lot of new features. Features are of course good. As is SampleStudio.

A big “rock on” to the boys at Xentronix. Read more about the whole thing here

Cosmoe releases new version

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 20 Jun, 2002 @ 3:15 PM
OS Wars

That most interesting of interesting os projects, Cosmoe (hmm, sound familiar?) has released a new tarball today. It apparently makes builds much easier. Cosmoe is a sort of dark horse in the race to replace beos, as it could do it, but that isnt it’s goal. It’s goal is to support tons of API’s on a modern good looking gui system. Or something. In any case, its interesting. It could be great, it could vanish. But its definately quirky. :)

Nostalgia reigns

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 19 Jun, 2002 @ 9:24 PM
Site News

Hey all,

If you were around back in the golden era of beos, have I got a link for you.

Check this out. the wayback machine is cool. :)

Anyway, this has made me nostalgic, and it’s also made me interested in spending some time to explain whats going on w/ begroovy.

Deej is doing his thing with BeUnited, and updating here when he can. I am off with full time employment, based in Dallas, TX, and working on a Linux distribution (*gasp* *shock* *horror*). That said, I am actively following openbeos, and contributing to the discussion on synapselounge (which ranges from beos to just about everything else.) I am also in the midst of buying a Be machine to use for my mp3’s and email and such, as I sold my previous machine for the cash to get a powerbook (double gasp, shock horror)

Basically, BeOS as it used to be is dead. Most of us have moved on. Because of this, BeGroovy is too big for the times. We have too many little features to keep working, and too many things can break. But the BeOS community still exists, and openbeos, blueeyed os, and others present a beacon of hope. And BeGrovoy will continue to exist as long as that hope does. After all, its what we are all about. But we cant continue on like this.

The answer? I dont know. But what I am considering doing is simple:

Tear down the glitz, and get back to roots.

I am working on a new, simple news script. I want to tear this down, and go back to the “good old days”. I figure we would track all sorts of weird stuff, as well as the obvious (open beos, new releases, etc)

I am interested in your thoughts on this. Is it worth the effort? Would anyone out there want to contribute news or participate? Should we even bother?

Anyway. thats my rambling for the day. What do you think?

New BeShare server online

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 19 Jun, 2002 @ 6:46 PM
Submitted News

Beryllium (a guy who spoiled the surprise of the new look of begroovy 2.0 iirc ;P) wrote in with some fun news for BeShare users:

Beryllium.ca is the new home of the Beryllium BeShare server. The domain just went live today, and with luck it will bring many new users to this BeShare server.
Windows and Linux users can share and download files on the server using Ozone ( http://www.ozone-o3.net/ ), while BeOS users can bask in the warm glow of the BeShare client.

Rock on. :)

BeGeistert on Tour

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 19 Jun, 2002 @ 6:44 PM
Submitted News

Bernd Korz wrote in to ask us to write about the roaming BeGeistert coming up. But i can’t do any better than he did:

Hi !

We make a BeGeistert on Tour between Hamburg and Bremen. All you need to
know for now (who sounds very crime *lol) you can find here in english and

this is the link

Would be great if you would write someting about it.

Best regards and thx for your support,
Bernd Korz

Anyway, sounds like fun. too bad they arent roaming through my neck of the planet. :)

New BeServed Release

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 19 Jun, 2002 @ 6:42 PM

Hey all. Long time no post. ;)

Anyway, cleaning out the old mail files. First up, there is a relatively new release of BeServed, the network file system for BeOS by teldar. Check it out at teldars press release.

More to come. :)

OpenBeOS, beunited.org updates

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 13 Jun, 2002 @ 5:26 AM

Well, I don’t post here much. No real excuse these days. I would just like to remind you to check out the other cool BeOS news sites that are staying updated these days - TotallyBe, The BeOS Journal, BeFAQs, BeForever, Loved, and the many many others out there that are keeping the fresh news flowing. :)

Now, the news - OpenBeOS‘ OBFS team now has the file system feature complete!!! Congrats and Kudos to BGA and Axel!

beunited.org - if you haven’t been there recently, go. ;)

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