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Team BeOS on the move

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 25 Apr, 2002 @ 12:00 AM
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Submitted by Scottmc

That blur being seen on the ECCp109 project is Team BeOS climbing up the rankings. Lutonhatter ported the client over to BeOS a couple of weeks ago (see the Begroovy forums for details) and recently released a BeOS port of the more optimized version on BeBits. Team BeOS now has 20 members on project and should be able to move into the top 20 on this project with little trouble.

Another Distributed Computing project called Distributed Folding may also get a BeOS port. The guys at Distributed Folding attempted a port over to BeOS a couple of weeks ago, but ran into a few snags, mostly due to not being able to find BeOS equilents of a few command lines programs. The Genome@Home project may some day get a BeOS port. They are working on the code for a possible release soon from that I’ve been told. Folding@Home says they are going to focus on Solaris and a couple others before looking at BeOS.

So for now we just have Seti, RC5, and the new ECCp109 that can all run in BeOS.

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