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Archive for March 13th, 2002 for sale

by @ Wednesday, March 13th, 2002. Filed under Be Inc

Well, as some had speculated, The BeBox Zone is now reporting that the domain name is up for sale. I say we all pitch in a few dollars and try to buy it to keep it to the community. 😉 I emailed to find out more information about the sale. I’ll keep everyone posted. […]

BeOS Journal lookin good

by @ Wednesday, March 13th, 2002. Filed under Submitted News

As already reported by TotallyBe and BeFAQs, The BeOS Journal has re-awakened (remember it is now .net, not .com). Just wanted to comment that I like the new look, and I’m glad to see it come back to life. Technix and Minox are also building a new site, BeHistory, which will have all sorts of […]

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