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Updates after a while of downtime

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 25 Feb, 2002 @ 7:39 PM
Bits N

Well, there’s been so much, but a couple of items I thought I’d touch on:

OpenBeOS is moving along at a great pace. Some major announcements about both BFS and the network implementation in just the past couple days, along with the announcement of another 18 team members! Way to go, keep up the good work, and kick some ass so we can get back to moving forward with our favorite platform!

And speaking of moving forward, a couple of new sites I thought I’d mention: BeDrivers is a new site on the scene looking to become a windrivers of the BeOS/OBOS scene. Also, from a couple Be-site veterans and other longstanding community members comes Twisted-Thread, picking up (a year later) right where BeDope left off. Great to see the online presence of our community beginning to grow again.

And right along the lines of new sites - BeBits showed some signs of life as well, with some backend upgrades, including a commenting system (a feature formerly hosted by BeNews) and news headlines provided by several sites now (gee, I wonder if that could have been because of our extended outage ;) ). Funny thing is, these upgrades were so seemless, I didn’t even notice them until TotallyBe reported on them. :P

And on our outage and subsequent forum troubles… well those nasty little gremlins that are running amok in our server have Nutcase perplexed. He’s working on it, but due to his own personal time constraints, there are no promises as to when they’ll be fixed, only that they will be fixed. ;)

Cheers all, and send in your news!

Back again

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 25 Feb, 2002 @ 2:21 AM
Site News

Well, we’re back, again. I still haven’t heard the explaination for the last outage from the host, but then again, I’m not the registered server administrator, so it’s likely they just _won’t_ tell me. :P

It also seems that our forums are beginning to break down. I’ll get Nutcase to look into this issue.

BTW, if you have any news, send it in! BeFAQs, TotallyBe, and yes, even {gasp} BeNews have been doing a good job picking up our slack in these days of troubled server boxes - Thanks guys and gals! ;)

OpenBeOS First Release

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 15 Feb, 2002 @ 10:59 AM

Just browsing the OpenBeOS web site and noticed that they posted the first release of OpenBeOS. It is currently just a patch on top of an existing 5.03 installation, which includes the latest opentracker/opendeskbar, mail daemon replacement, and a bunch of replacement prefs panels. This may not seem like much, but in the background teams are also making steady progress on things such as an open BFS driver, adapting the NewOS kernel for OpenBeOS, and a bunch of the kits such as the interface kit. I think their tactic of replacing things a bit at a time until the whole thing is open is a great one, and I hope to have enough time to get involved and help out in the future. Keep up the great work guys!

BeatWare Leaves Option for OBOS

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Feb, 2002 @ 7:49 PM
Submitted News

Jared wrote to BeatWare about their older BeOS applications and OpenBeOS, and got, well, the expected answer from the Vice President of Product Marketing:

If the OpenBeOS can prove itself as a viable commercial platform, then I’m sure we will consider once again supporting it. I’ll be honest though, it will have to become much more popular than it ever was before with far more customers willing to pay for software.

Like I said, the expected answer, but at least they didn’t say “No” straight out - now they know about OBOS and can watch it develop. But, hmmmm, paying customers? Isn’t OpenBeOS an “OSS” thing where nobody expects to actually _pay_ for anything. Let’s hope not.

Inferno A Go

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Feb, 2002 @ 6:43 PM
Art / Image

While we were down, Frans van Nispen, one of the developers of Inferno (website address to change to this new address), posted news on the Inferno site that states that development of Inferno on the BeOS platform will continue.

In the release, Frans states:

We have decided not only to finish this version, but keep supporting the mass of BeOS users that still are all around the world. Also the current state and progress on the Open BeOS project are so promising, that we decided to be there when the first release is brought out.

The team is also looking for feedback on Inferno - Go HERE to read this release, among others, and find out how you can submit feedback.

DirectX8 for BeOS now Open Source

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Feb, 2002 @ 6:14 PM

KAMiKAZOW noted in our News discussion forums that the company that was working on the DirectX 8 wrappers for BeOS, Realtech-VR, has open sourced the project.

Not sure what to make of this - whether they are looking for help to finish, or giving up and being nice by letting their accomplished work go - either way, it _could_ mean good things for OBOS and BlueOS. :)

Sorry about the downtime

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Feb, 2002 @ 6:14 PM
Site News

Sorry about the downtime all. Both Nutcase and myself are internet-less poor b***ards over the weekends, and thus, we had no idea it was down until late sunday, at which point I put in the ticket. Hopefully we don’t see this happen too often [again]. :P

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