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APlayer continues on BeOS

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 23 Dec, 2001 @ 6:34 PM

Thomas Neumann, author of APlayer, a former Amiga audio player now available on the BeOS platform (both x86 and PPC), recently wrote in to let everyone know that APlayer development continues, and that he is working really hard on a version 4 of the software. Thomas estimates that it will be about 5 more months before the full release, as he is adding in a ton of new features, ones which do require a lot of work. One of these new features include an optimized MP3 decoder, which uses either MMX or 3DNow! instructions if available on the system.

Thomas also needs beta testers for the new version of APlayer, currently at beta 3, with a 4th beta due out soon. The application also comes with full source, for you beta testing tinker’ers out there. To become a beta tester, you only need to go to the homepage and sign up on the beta list.

Get out there, test the app, and show your support to the devs with the heart to stick it out with us! :)

Dave Haynie on the end of the Be era

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 23 Dec, 2001 @ 2:45 AM
Be Inc

Well, it’s pretty much official (as if it wasn’t before :P ) - Be, Inc. is now gone. Their website is now but a single page, and \. posted the news.

Be’s BeDevTalk and BeCodeTalk mailing lists are now gone (however, Bruno has created new lists on BUG-Br’s server here and here, respectively).

Dave Haynie, CTO of Merlancia Multimedia Systems, in the last minute fury of mailing list talk just before the servers were shut down, posted a little prospective history of his own with BeOS. For those of you out there that might not remember, Dave Haynie was _very_ involved with the Amiga, to say the least, and Merlancia plans on releasing some pretty impressive PPC systems out there that will run, among other things, BeOS R5 PPC. While he still sounds positive about Merlancia offering BeOS on their systems, only time will tell - as the future of any form of BeOS is still very much up in the air. We’ll keep you posted if we get any more information on that topic, of course.

“Read more” for Dave’s letter to BeOS Developers.

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