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Happy Holidays!!! BBIAB

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2001 @ 1:25 AM
Site News

Well, here I am, working on Christmas day… but it’s so that I can go home for a couple of days afterwards. Being so, I’ll be gone starting tomorrow until the new year.

Everyone have a good, safe, holiday season, and I’ll see you all when I get back. You can still submit news, but do not expect it to be posted until the 2nd of the new year, at the latest (depending upon how often my family lets me connect to the internet over the next week :P ).

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

JLG Chronicles

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2001 @ 1:07 AM
Submitted News

mooooooo found another link out there, this one an article written by JLG. It’s in French, but for the english readers out there, I’ve put the Babelfish translation in the “Read More” link. Hehe, good luck with that. :P Any real French folk out there want to translate it a bit better for us?

Japanese BeOS community still going strong

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2001 @ 6:24 PM
Submitted News

BeatJapan, the BeOS Users Group over in the land of the rising sun, aren’t looking to see any sun set on their favorite OS either. They are even still organizing BeaCon4 - a gathering of Japanese BeOS users for the 4th year running.

Browsing through some of their pages - you can try Babelfish to read these pages - forum readers noticed a couple of interesting items - a glove attached to a BeOS machine, evidently for a virtual Tamagotchi (pictured here and here, found on this page), and the WinBe project (which was reported a very long time ago) is still actively progressing and planning on making an appearance at BeaCon4 (and the pages are in english). WinBe is an effort similar to BeWINE to run, not emulate, Windows applications on BeOS.

So, it seems, we still have a brotherhood of BeOS users over there. Now all that we need is a group of bilingual people to make sure that we all stay together and focus efforts together. Anyone reading this speak Japanese? Thanks to moooooo and AlienSoldier for the links.

Becasso 2.0 (and .tiff capability) arrive!

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 24 Dec, 2001 @ 11:05 PM

Sum Software has released a bit of a Christmas present for all - Becasso 2.0. Sum Software’s web page exclaims that even though “It has been quiet for a while, but that didn’t mean we were resting on our laurels”, that they “have been listening” to their regular users, and have implemented a “whole slew of new features”.

A surprising, and welcomed new feature is the ability to read and write .tiff format images - in the form of a new translator. Of this, BeGroovy forum member eexlebots has to say: “Petty sweet…and about time!!!”. My sentiments exactly. :)

With the closing of the BeBits store, Becasso can now be registered through Kagi, and only cost $29USD. The version available on BeBits is the full version, and you will not be required to download Becasso again after registering, only a required key file.

Enjoy all. And Merry Christmas!

APlayer continues on BeOS

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 23 Dec, 2001 @ 6:34 PM

Thomas Neumann, author of APlayer, a former Amiga audio player now available on the BeOS platform (both x86 and PPC), recently wrote in to let everyone know that APlayer development continues, and that he is working really hard on a version 4 of the software. Thomas estimates that it will be about 5 more months before the full release, as he is adding in a ton of new features, ones which do require a lot of work. One of these new features include an optimized MP3 decoder, which uses either MMX or 3DNow! instructions if available on the system.

Thomas also needs beta testers for the new version of APlayer, currently at beta 3, with a 4th beta due out soon. The application also comes with full source, for you beta testing tinker’ers out there. To become a beta tester, you only need to go to the homepage and sign up on the beta list.

Get out there, test the app, and show your support to the devs with the heart to stick it out with us! :)

Dave Haynie on the end of the Be era

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 23 Dec, 2001 @ 2:45 AM
Be Inc

Well, it’s pretty much official (as if it wasn’t before :P ) - Be, Inc. is now gone. Their website is now but a single page, and \. posted the news.

Be’s BeDevTalk and BeCodeTalk mailing lists are now gone (however, Bruno has created new lists on BUG-Br’s server here and here, respectively).

Dave Haynie, CTO of Merlancia Multimedia Systems, in the last minute fury of mailing list talk just before the servers were shut down, posted a little prospective history of his own with BeOS. For those of you out there that might not remember, Dave Haynie was _very_ involved with the Amiga, to say the least, and Merlancia plans on releasing some pretty impressive PPC systems out there that will run, among other things, BeOS R5 PPC. While he still sounds positive about Merlancia offering BeOS on their systems, only time will tell - as the future of any form of BeOS is still very much up in the air. We’ll keep you posted if we get any more information on that topic, of course.

“Read more” for Dave’s letter to BeOS Developers.

OpenSSL 0.96c is out, and available on BeOS

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Posted by:Deej on Saturday, 22 Dec, 2001 @ 9:27 PM

The new version of OpenSSL (0.96c) is out, and Peter Moore (aka mooooooooo among many Be’ers) has taken the time to compile it for BeOS. You can grab it from BeBits.

Peter has also ported a great deal of other noteworthy network security apps for BeOS, including (all links to BeBits pages): Snort, SnortMonitor, tcpdump, nmap. You can find info on many more of Pete’s projects (including non-network security ones) on his loved site or on his ever growing list on his BeBits Dev Page.

BONE Warning - Many of Peter’s apps require BONE.

OpenBeOS newsletter online

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 19 Dec, 2001 @ 8:01 PM
Submitted News

TottalyBe, which I don’t think we’ve formally greeted to the BeOS website community yet - Maverick, the maintainer of the former BeOS Central, has returned to the community with this new news site - welcome back! :D

Ah-hem, back on topic - TotallyBe noted that the newest OpenBeOS newsletter (#7) is now online. I find that these articles are good reads, and reminiscent of Be’s pre-IPO newsletters (likely on purpose ;) ).

Ignosecond, hehe, especially rings home, as a couple of days ago I experienced that very intensive moment as I realized my keys were in my other pants at the moment my apartment door shut, locked of course. :P

Palm’s 32-bit OS plans

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 19 Dec, 2001 @ 7:36 PM
Be Inc

Scottmc alerted our forum members to a couple of articles concerning Palm and their plans for the use of Be’s IP as well as the engineers that Palm has now working for them. The first article is an interview with David Nagel at the Software Development Times. The second article is from OS Opinion and talks of Palm releasing a 32-bit OS based off of the BeOS/IA code base to be released in the second half of 2002. Keep in mind that this is just speculation.

What this means for the BeUnited initative is still anyone’s guess.

Lot’s of catching up to do

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 19 Dec, 2001 @ 7:08 PM
Bits N

Okay, so I’ve been unable to post until now. I’ll post a few items up that I can remember off the top of my head… if you want to see BeGroovy active again, start sending me some news to post (to my address linked above).

Scott Hacker, author of the BeOS Bible fame, has recently written an article entitled MacOSX Week: Tales of a BeOS Refugee, for OS News during their Mac OSX week. It’s a very good, and long, read. The summary for myself personally is that I’ll be still waiting for something to happen on the BeOS front.

So during our downtime, it seems, that some people have had varied success with Athlon XP boards and BeOS. There is some kernel patching in the works, and if you have an Athlon XP board, please help test the patch. You can catch up on that issue here.

And one last quick note, people are reporting that they have recieved their copies of Gobe Productive 3.0 for Windows. I only hope my wife bothers to send my copy to me where I’m at now. :P

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