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BeZilla.org online

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 21 Nov, 2001 @ 2:19 PM

Just heard that bezilla.org has come online. It is a rather ambitious site maintained by arougthopher, which according to rumor is another name for “Paul”, who is a prominent BeZilla community member. It looks like the place to go for BeZilla news, questions, and downloads. Good luck to arougthopher in his quest to keep bezilla alive and kicking. I think we all should support this effort, because a modern browser is the #1 thing BeOS will need to live on. And BeZilla can answer that need.

Shareholders approve Palm Sale and Be’s Dissolution

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 13 Nov, 2001 @ 7:05 PM
Be Inc

Well, shareholders voted yesterday to disolve Be, Inc. and sell all of its IP to Palm, Inc. While some belive this marks the end of BeOS (which it likely does, considering Be, Inc. likely won’t exist in 2 months), BeUnited believes this could be the beginning of a new era in the life of the OS. (Disclaimer: I am a core member of the BeUnited Co-Operative)

BeUnited has already been in touch with Palm and has been waiting for the shareholder vote to begin the negotiations for the OS. They hope to license the source from Palm, and continue it’s development… rapidly updating the OS to modern hardware standards, as well as fixing core OS issues and expanding the rest of the already superior OS base. And people outside the community have noticed.

Meanwhile, JLG and the remaining few at Be, Inc. are looking into the possiblity of a lawsuit against Microsoft, according to a transcript of the recent shareholder conference call.

To end on an up note (as if suing Microsoft isnt fun enough), it seems that none of this turmoil has deterred Jason Vandermark, formerly of BeOSCentral. He just launched a brand new, and quite nice, BeOS Community news site… TotallyBe.

BeOS’s new home in peril

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 09 Nov, 2001 @ 4:52 PM
Be Inc

It seems that Be’s new home may be made of straw. Palm’s CEO has resigned as of Thursday night. This leaves what some view as a sinking ship drifting helplessly, while BeOS is tied to the mast wondering what will happen. Cheesy metaphors aside, this aint good folks.

Meanwhile, reports are eeking out that Nov.27th will bring lay offs of 300 to 400 Palm employees. This has not been confirmed, but seems reliable. Hopefully the newly migrated Be engineers will survive the cut.

Meanwhile, Monday brings the vote on the future of Be’s assets. That will seal the fate of BeOS one way or another.. ripped apart by creditors, or lost in the palm whirlwind. Neither seems all that great.. but things have been known to survive whirlwinds.

So where does this leave the BeUnited movement to license the OS from Palm? Exactly where it was before. When/If the deal goes through (VOTE YES!), BeUnited will contact the new owners (Palm) and attempt to reach a licensing agreement with them regarding the BeOS source. If that licensing agreement fails, BeUnited has backup plans for saving the OS, but would like to attempt licensing the real source first, as it will ensure the quickest and most reliable release of the next BeOS.

Hold on tight folks.. things are getting crazy.

Microsoft / DOJ Settlement

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 02 Nov, 2001 @ 6:57 PM
Submitted News

Ok. So the DOJ and Microsoft seem to have reached a tenative agreement. While I am not about to say that its anywhere near as much as microsoft deserves (they are already guilty, so why do they get off so easy?), there is one interesting point. Actually, its the first one.

A. Microsoft shall not retaliate against an OEM by altering Microsoft’s commercial relations with that OEM, or by withholding newly introduced forms of non-monetary Consideration (including but not limited to new versions of existing forms of non-monetary Consideration) from that OEM, because it is known to Microsoft that the OEM is or is contemplating:

1. developing, distributing, promoting, using, selling, or licensing any software that competes with Microsoft Platform Software or any product or service that distributes or promotes any Non-Microsoft Middleware;

2. shipping a Personal Computer that (a) includes both a Windows Operating System Product and a non-Microsoft Operating System, or (b) will boot with more than one Operating System; or

3. exercising any of the options or alternatives provided for under this Final Judgment.

In otherwords, the bootloader license that microsoft uses to stop alternative operating systems from being bundled by OEMS is as good as dead, assuming there isnt a hidden loophole soemwhere else in the agreement. This is /great/ news for the alternative OS community, although it does not help alleviate any of the other monopolistic issues (bundling, etc). The word is that the states are not planning on signing the agreement, and may continue the case without the DOJ. This would mean that not only does Microsoft have to follow this agreement, but they also become subject to whatever punishment is given to them by the trial with the 17 various states. So cheer up.. it may turn out ok after all. :)

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