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BeGroovy server mostly back

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 28 Aug, 2001 @ 1:26 PM
Site News

OK. Some of you (probably a lot of you) noticed that we have been down for nearly a full week. This is the fateful tale of what happened this time, how it was fixed, and why it wont happen again any time soon (hopefully.)

Well, all the downtime before was due to a dying harddisk. We didnt pick up on it in time, and last wednesday, it actually did die. This was obviously not a good thing, and it was even worse considering that I was due to get in my car and go on a sort of “BeOS Road Trip” on Friday. Well, the trip is ongoing, and it is great (To those of you I met.. thanks for the hospitality! You know who you are!) Anyway, while I was away, Site5 put in hours of weekend work, and installed a completely new hard disk for us. They then remounted what they could of the old one, and salvaged almost everything. The only thing that was lost is our email config. This normally isnt an issue, as I can rebuild as I go. But our server also hosts BeMail.org. Needless to say, those people probably arent very happy.

For those of you who use bemail, and havent quit because of the downtime, It should be back for good now, and very stable. It may take some time for the new emails to kick in and get you back up to speed. But things should start flowing by tommorrow for sure.

Anyway, thats the sordid tale of the BeGroovy server. We arent going anywhere, if we can help it. :P

Oh yeah, in a nearly completely unrelated note, I have to give “mad props”(tm) to BeOSJournal for stepping up to bat and getting tons of news up to keep things flowing. And of course, their is BeFaqs who run a BeOS server, and thus dont have our kind of problems (they have all new kinds. :P )

Anyway, we are back, and should be ramping back up very quickly now. Thanks for bearing with us.

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