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The King Is Dead - Long Live The King

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 19 Aug, 2001 @ 11:38 AM

So, it must be said - get over it - BeOS is dead. Palm didn’t buy Be, they bought Be’s IP. Even if Palm decides to do something with BeOS, it won’t likely be called BeOS.

The King is Dead. A number of people and groups have stepped forward with actions to back words… Michael Wulff Nielsen wrote up an editorial on his opinions on what to do. It’s in the “Read More” link at the bottom. Along those same lines, Michael Phipps has started a mailing list at the prompting of many on the BeDevTalk mailing lists. They are looking to replace components of BeOS with open source modules one at a time, or a complete work from scratch - which is still a bit unclear to me as yet. If you would like to join, you may do so by sending email to openbeos-request@freelists.org with ’subscribe’ in the Subject field.

There are also three petitions now set up to help convince Palm that BeOS is worth continuing - Here, here, and here. The first being especially important, as Palm is actually waiting on the information retrieved in that one. Go sign them.

There are numerous people talking with Palm now about possible solutions to keeping our beloved OS alive and well. Palm is very open and receptive, it would seem, to these ideas. Keep your fingers crossed, and stay active in the community.

Long Live the King!

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