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BeGroovy server problems solved

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 18 Aug, 2001 @ 4:28 PM
Site News

Our server crashed on wednesday, and due to a comedy of errors (mainly my fault), we werent able to get it restarted until today. Sorry about the downtime. Despite the recent bad news (see below), We aren’t going anywhere. We are going to keep fighting the good fight, trying to keep BeOS alive any way we can. We will let you know if we come up with anything. In the meantime, keep using it, spreading it, and promoting it. Its likely beos is dead. But if not, its gonna come back stronger than ever.

Palm buys Be Inc’s assets. Be to close by year end.

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 18 Aug, 2001 @ 4:25 PM
Be Inc

Palm has purchased Be, Inc for $11 million dollars. (Press Release: Palm | Be) Several articles (C|Net 1,2, ZDNet) are around the net about it, and ZDNet says that Palm has no intention of developing BeOS as a stand alone OS. That means, no more BeOS. All that possibility is going to be stuck on a small handheld screen powering a datebook. Admittedly, an impressive Palm should show up in a few years, and I will probably want one. But not as bad as I want Be (or now, Palm) to finish the QA on the almost completed, completely skinnable, BONE, OpenGL, and new media_server having, R6. This announcement is prety big, and I am sure we havent heard everything yet, but it leads pretty quickly to a conclusion that many have been trying to avoid for quite a while.


What can we possibly do to keep BeOS alive? Well, in all likelyhood, nothing. Be sold for next to nothing to Palm, who are going to rip apart the best stuff ever, and use it to get a lead on the competition (which, surprise surprise, happens to be microsoft, just like in everything else.)

Maybe a letter writing campaign to palm is in order? Just start firing away about how much we want them to keep our OS alive? They could probably GPL the whole non-licensed part of the code without damaging the palm business at all. Or maybe they license it openly for use (not selling) on non-handheld devices. All of this is fairly doubtful.

Whats our best option? A group of people who license the code from Palm, and use it to continue development of the desktop OS as a GPOS, with the side effect that palm gets free maintenance of their OS development platform. This also is relatively unlikely in the current market, but could happen. In fact, I really hope it does. OS/2 found new life (sorta) in eComStation. Why can’t BeOS?

We at BeGroovy have always said we will stick around as long as BeOS does. It looks like that day may be coming much sooner than we thought. We are going to hold out as long as possible, and see what happens with the OS, before we go. Who knows, this could end up being the start of a whole new thing. I think we will have to wait and see. Thats something we have been doing for quite a while already.

What are your thoughts on this huge announcement?

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