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Dave Johnson joins Gobe as VP Marketing

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 02 Aug, 2001 @ 2:02 PM
Gobe Software

Ok. Everyone buckle in. This could get interesting. Dave Johnson, former Director of Sales and BeOS Product Manager at Be, Inc., has now joined Gobe as the new Vice President of marketing. Yes.. you read that right. So now the man at Be who was supposed to lead BeOS to glory, but was laid off instead, is now working at Gobe, a company that still seems to want to lead BeOS to glory. Hmmm. It could be something as simple as hiring the man because he is good at his job, and Gobe had an opening. Alternatively…. well.. I will leave the speculation to all of you. Read on for the full press release. UPDATE: - I just want to clarify that Dave was not laid off in the most recent round. He was laid off in April. What Be has been doing w/ BeOS since then remains a mystery. Either way, congratulations to Dave on the new job, and congratulations to gobe for getting a new vp. :)

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