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BeOS on a G4?

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 29 Jul, 2001 @ 8:49 PM
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What if you could run BeOS on a G4 - or even better, a dual G4? Well, according to this company, one day, you might be able to. Zenja saw the link on Slashdot, and caught the reference to BeOS. Reading through the description for their proposed desktop system, the Apocolyps, you’ll see the following:

The system will be available with a choice of processors including the Motorola G4/7410 and G4/7450. Operating system choices will include AmigaOS, AmigaDE, BeOS, LINUX, QNX and others. MacOS compatibility is currently being investigated.

Yes, that’s BeOS you see in there. And they mention dual G4’s in the works.

Now we’ve heard of other CHRP PPC platforms in the past that never fanned out, so I’ll believe it when I can order it. And we don’t know if they’ve actually tested BeOS on their systems or are going by the fact that BeOS runs on PPC, but haven’t realized that it’s just not the same thing. :P

But what may make the difference this time is the fact that the CTO for this company is non other than Dave Haynie, a senior engineer involved with Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000. This company has won the rights to manufactur the AmigaOne (the next generation Amiga). So, they obviously have some weight here, and want to see another “dead” OS live - the Amiga - so we can only hope. I’ve sent off an email to them to try to get some answers and other info - I’ll post that when I know.

No, I haven’t heard from them yet, but Avner sent in this link to a mailing list with this message. In short:

BeOS runs on the PPC. The problem here, today, would simply be that PPC editions haven’t been kept up to date. At least for desktop BeOS; I don’t know the status of BeIA on PPC, if there’s any support or not. In general, an embedded/IA OS that only runs on x86 is a foolish plan, since most such devices won’t use x86. But hey, no one said Be, despite their technology (which is good), has yet made one right step…

So there you have it, from Dave Haynie himself.

*****UPDATE 2*****
Okay, this is getting longer by the day… any more news on this will be in a separate news item, I promise. Here is the reply to my inquiry from Merlancia Industres:

We are working on making sure thta BeOS will run with no problems. Currently our firmware is not finished. We have Linux and MorphOS running currently. With BeOS we expect several driver related issues to arise.

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