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Websites Down But Not Out

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 15 Jul, 2001 @ 10:14 PM
Submitted News

Just a quick note to let everyone know that some sites that are currently down are not out. Maverick has stated that he’s having server problems for BeOS Central, and is working on it. And a couple of my domains, now maintained by others, are not gone as they seem. i-BUG.org has expired, as my contact info was old, and I didn’t get the notices. The payment has been submitted. And the Neo-Programmer’s Collective (neo-programmers.com) is moving servers, and we are having a few - um - hiccups. They’ll be back.

First Productive 3.0 Screenshots

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 15 Jul, 2001 @ 7:49 PM
Gobe Software

Just to catch up on some news before another week begins… BeNews noticed that Gobe has posted a screenshot of Productive 3.0 running under windows. Tom Hoke later posted his own screenshot of Productive 3.0 running under BeOS, apparently on PowerPC. Tom previously stated in our forums that Productive for Windows is based on a recreation of the BeOS API’s. We have to wonder how hard it would be for Gobe to allow most, if not all, BeOS apps to build on windows, if Productive already does using Be api’s. In either case, Tom sat down with us for an interview about 3.0 last november. You can read it to find out about what will be happening in 3.0.

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