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…and the flies are dropping - there’s nothing to feed on

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 28 Jun, 2001 @ 2:52 AM
Bits N

Well, we’ve seen sites die, go up for sale, and disappear. BeDope and yaBel are up for sale, and many others have been long since abandoned (some of mine included - but not due to dispair, but available time). BeScreens even closed a couple of months ago and I didn’t realize it.

Companies - We lost Wildcard Design, Beatware, ThunderMunchkin, and countless others. Recently, we’ve lost ObjectSynth (as posted recently on BeNews), and Echo has dropped thier BeOS driver plans. Now, today, Hailstone Software has officially dropped out of the picture. And Gobe has to be hurting, they haven’t seen a new release of BeOS or Productive in what, a year?!

It’s not lookin’ too peachy folks… But then, we knew this decline would come. How many of us are actually still hangin’ on? Which of the three big news sites will be the last one to post some BeOS news? The longstanding, up and down BeOS Central, the omnipresent BeNews, or us? I think the safe bet would be leBuzz, they’ve got the most happening professionally right now. I honestly hope and pray we won’t know the answer to that question for a couple of years yet. Here’s to blind faith and hoping. ;) Sorry to bring you all down.

Well, I for one, am not ashamed to beg… Be, we are starving out here… feed us something… anything. I know you are in a very touchy situation right now, but we need something - NOW - to stay alive as a community. I’m begging you. We’re all begging you. A simple press release or even just an open letter from JLG or Steve S., or even let the engineers speak up and out, just a little bit. Something, anything… [scratchy voice] water… I need water…

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