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TipJar for David Reid Reminder

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:56 PM
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Oh, and one last thing… there’s only a couple of days left to donate a tip to David Reid. Curious why you should? Click here if the word “Apache” isn’t enough. :) July 1st, BeForever will name a new beneficiary, and my PayPal account will follow. To donate, just PayPal your tip to deej@beunited.org. And don’t be ashamed to only tip a buck or two, every cent helps out. :)

Mailbox Clearout - MS vs. Be, Newbie Letter, Dev #’s, and Lionhead B&W

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:39 PM
Bits N

So I’m way behind news in my mailbox… here goes:

First off, this interesting editorial at Wireless News. Short, nothing new, a bit old (May), but interesting nonetheless.

Sander van Dragt, a newbie to BeOS, writes in with an open letter about his experience. Should act as sort of a motivator, considering these are the first impressions of a new user to BeOS even in these “late” days. Click Read More to read the letter.

Ryan Christiansen, long time BeOS advocate, did a Rebol Script to scrape the email addresses of developers that have apps on BeBits, and while many of these devs are probably long gone, the number is 1,013. Just a bit of trivia for ya. :)

And Scar wrote in with this from Lionhead found on Voodoo Extreme - nothing we didn’t know already, but a final word, nonetheless:

“The Linux and BeOS never managed to get anywhere. We haven’t necessarily given up hope but the publishers we have been speaking to about this are not too optimistic about the marketplace for selling Linux or BeOS titles. Black & White is a VERY big project to convert and I guess for some people the cost of converting it, is just too restrictive.”


MP3 Pro on BeOS?

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:29 PM

Mike Zader was looking into MP3 Pro at Coding Technologies, and if they’re considering a port for BeOS. Here’s their answer:

This is not yet decided. Technically, the libraries should be easily ported to BeOS so if there is a demand and a company interested in doing so, this should be possible.

Whatever happens, we will post this on our website.

So is there demand? Is there someone out there willing and capable of porting the codec?

Sorry, forgot the link.

BRS TuneTracker Demo Released

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:21 PM

Dane Scott Productions has released the demo version of BRS TuneTracker. If you downloaded the demo version from BeBits the first couple of days it was out, and it has problems, download it again. And, better mention that this app is a great one to do demo’s with at BUG meetings. Hit the Read More button for the full press release. Way to go Dane! You are truly an entreprenuer on the BeOS platform!

Speaking of Dust Biting

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:17 PM

Pirx wrote in with this:

The domain BeDope (www.bedope.com) is up for sale. The website has been dormant for a while. The ‘About’ page says that “Be Dope will remain operational in its website form until Project BE comes to its logical and inevitable conclusion”.

Pirx wonders if we should collect some small cash and point the domain here, since many of BeDope’s features are now on BeGroovy. What do you think?

UPDATE:Brett Jungblut wrote in to tell us that the yaBel domain is also up for sale. Dropping like flies, aren’t they?

3dfx and Maybe nVidia not to be supported in WinXP

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2001 @ 4:17 PM
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Why is this here? Just to show that nVidia is the root of all evil, next to MS themselves. Matthias noted that, as posted on EntCity, 3dfx cards will not be supported in WindowsXP. It was clearly stated by someone from MS that nVidia will not give them the source for the 3dfx drivers. More recently, there is a rumour that MS kicked nVidia out of talks concerning XP DirectX9 because they wouldn’t sign an agreement with MS.

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