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Yet Another BeOS Site Bites the Dust

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 25 Jun, 2001 @ 9:40 PM
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Well, yet another BeOS website has bitten it… this time it was Yet Another BeOS Link (yaBel). Brett finally closed the doors on the site, after a long period of inactivity. Brett had this to say:

I’d like to thank each and every user that ever visited yaBel. You made it an experience worthy of my time, and I’ve enjoyed it very much. Go ahead now, and visit yet another BeOS link.


yaBel was a good site at the time, and held many a mailing list archives, as well as a headlines page showing headlines from around the BeOS communtiy. It was a sad thing when it stopped being updated, and it’s even sadder now that it’s officially of the BeOS links lists (are there still BeOS links lists? :P ). Anyhoos - thanks for riding the wave with us a while Brett… hope to see you on the other side, whichever side that may be. :)

Cappuccino runs BeOS

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 25 Jun, 2001 @ 2:12 PM
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Not sure how old this article is, but it is a slow BeOS news week, and Mattias Toth evidently just found it on Ars Technica. Looks like a very interesting “bookshelf” PC, that, later in the article (page 3), reviewer Hannibal tested with BeOS and QNX, and reports that both were “snappy”. I, for one, love these little boxes (such as the NIC one, which I’m hoping Axel finishes the ethernet drivers for) - And this baby clocks in up to 1Ghz! Now, where can I get one of these to test stuff with? At iBuyPower, which I maxed out the system and it ran around $1700USD, for a reasonable system (minimum on everything) it ran at $1000. Anyways, thought some of you tinkerers out there would want to know. :)

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