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BeOS in music video, 3dfx anew, Pavel leaves Tracker, and BeForever’s TipJar

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 11 Jun, 2001 @ 6:15 PM
Bits N

A couple of items submitted over the past few days that I wanted to clear out…

Tentacula was watching the video clip of a french music group called Air, and the clip was “radio number one”. He noticed what appeared to be BeOS in the video clip where you see them using a computer to sample their sounds. If anyone can verify this, or better yet, grab a screenshot, let us know!

A couple people wrote in about this, and Scott Brawner submitted the link to this article on electic.com about former 3dfx employees forming a new company. Hopefully they keep the same attitude of openness towards BeOS as 3dfx did.

Technix also wrote in to alert everyone to the fact that Pavel Cisler has left the OpenTracker team and handed control over to Dianne Hackborn. Click on More to read his email.

And a final note, PayPal seems to work very well for the BeForever TipJar. Daniel’s recieved over $150 in tips thus far. BeForever notes that on the 16th of the month, David Reid, porter of many important apps such as Apache and Gimp/GTK, will get his chance again, this time with PayPal. You can PayPal me tips for Daniel until the 15th (Friday), after which, until the end of the month, it will be a second chance to tip David. Remember, even a dollar or two adds up!

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