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BONE, VideoPro, and BeGames

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 11 May, 2001 @ 11:27 AM
Bits N

Couple of quickies sitting in my mailbox…

DJMaytag wrote in with an observation that BONE Beta 7 might be making it’s way around the NDA circles, as shown at the Be Bugs site here and here. Still got something in the works for us, I’d say.

And here’s a bit about an app called called VideoPro. From the Press Release, Magnus Hellman has released a video playback and conversion utility for BeOS. Some features are: Slow and fast motion playback, Reverse playback, and Freezeframe. A screen-shot of VideoPro is available here. VideoPro can be downloaded here from BeBits, and is shareware that costs $9.95USD.

Thies also noticed that BeGames is still alive, only that instead of reporting BeOS game news, they are now planning to port/develop games for BeOS.

And speaking of games… it seems that the role playing game “Pirates Ho!” that was being developed for BeOS is dead. BeGroovy reader zegenie wrote the developer who wrote back that he has had no time. Sorry to those that may have been looking forward to the game. And sorry I have no links, post them in the comments if you got ‘em!

And that should about clear out my mailbox… have a good weekend! Cheers.

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