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BeOS Release of Neverwinter Nights Still Planned

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 09 May, 2001 @ 1:05 AM

Scar contacted Trent Oster, Producer of Neverwinter Nights about the BeOS port. Apparently it is still going, although it is falling behind somewhat due to the upcoming E3 expo. Trent had this to say to Scar:

The BeOS build is lagging a few weeks behind the PC build, as always. After E3 we are going to tighten up the ports and test them out again.

Scar says that he’ll find out more soon and let us know. Good news, if you ask me.

A Thought About A Path To An Open BeOS

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 09 May, 2001 @ 12:45 AM
Submitted News

I’m putting this under the “submitted news” category, as I guess I’m submitting it. I’m bored tonight, and have been reading so much arguments for/against the whole OpenSource BeOS issue. Anyways, not trying to start yet another flame war… we all know the issues behind it, and that it’s not going to happen. Just a bored thought follows, read it if you like, but please don’t flame me about it. Long day… :P

What if… ah, the everlasting “what if” scenario… what if it was an undoubted fact that BeOS was to cease to exist. And another “what if”… what if Be signed on a semi-large group of dedicated BeOS developers, guys that have been around the trenches for a while. Put them under NDAs, real heavy, real strict NDAs that would reach far beyond Be, Inc’s demise. Hand them the code to BeOS, and let them strip out the licensed stuff. No charge to Be, Inc. or it’s shareholders. These devs could work on getting rid of the licensed code, and put together a detailed requirement sheet of what would be needed to get BeOS operational again, in an open source version.

Obviously, this depends on all those licensed parts and the wording of such. It also depends on whether BeIA is still a viable product for Be, as they couldn’t plan to open source their core business. There are many other dependencies, and whether Be, Inc. would even consider it a possibility, being the “leaked” stuff already. Not to mention it would be a ton of hard work for those devs working for free, I sure wouldn’t voluteer for the job. :P

But like I said, a bored thought. Take it, leave it, but, by all means, don’t flame me for it. Just me ranting about a mindstorm a bit. Anyways, cheers, and goodnight all. :)

BeFAQs Contest Reminder - New User Mailing List

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 09 May, 2001 @ 12:24 AM
Submitted News

Just wanted to post a reminder about BeGirl’s site BeFAQs.com and the contest that she is running. BeFAQs has been running a fake BeOS screenshot contest to see who can come up with the coolest faked R6 (or later version) screenshot. The prize is an Old Style (read: cool) T-shirt donated by Be, Inc.

Also I wanted to make sure that people know about the mailing list she has started. It is an alternative to the beusertalk mailing list that Be, Inc. recently shifted to Yahoo!, a seemingly unpopular move. Find out how to sign up for the list here.

Net Kiosks a good opportunity for BeIA

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 09 May, 2001 @ 12:16 AM
Submitted News

BeGroovy reader Michael S. sent in this tidbit that should get us looking to what Be can do with BeIA soon, rather than what should have been done in the past. His email reads:

Net kiosk market is expanding rapidly. Increasing problems with delays on U.S. domestic airlines and poor wireless email services have led to the rapid growth of Internet access points in airports, hotels and other places where people must wait. The leading supplier of net kiosk points, eKiosk, claims to operate about 1000 points in the U.S. now. The company expects to increase the number of net connections to 10,000 by the end of this year. The first 10 minutes of Internet browsing at an eKiosk terminal is free. After that the cost is 25 cents per minute. The biggest use of the access points is to download email.

For the article he is referring to, click here. Anyhoos, food for thought.

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