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JLG interview on Silicon Valley .com

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 18 Apr, 2001 @ 7:32 PM
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JLG sat down to talk with SiliconValley.com about Be Inc’s current financial trouble and their history. Of note is his discussion of open-sourcing BeOS. He says he doesn’t know why he should do the work and release it, but if he felt that Open Sourcing it would please the investors, he would do it. So, lets try and figure out how open-sourcing beos pleases investors in Be, Inc. Here’s one thought: OpenSource BeOS, and sell the BeIA kits to companies wanting to use it in an IA. Thus you have the same competition level on the IA field, but with the benefits of open-source such as enormous goodwill & mindshare, buzzword-i-ness, and mass bug-hunting. Then again, linux is a bit of a nightmare to work with, so opensourcing could destroy a good thing. The good will may be worth it though… 9 months ago Be had a growing community of people anxiously awaiting BeIA devices. Now they have a static or dwindling community of people getting more and more upset. What are your thoughts on this stuff? Any idea how to make it seem like a good idea to shareholders? Do you think it isnt such a great idea?

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