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Archive for March 21st, 2001

Internet Appliance field a dead-end?

by @ Wednesday, March 21st, 2001. Filed under Hardware

Several companies in the internet appliance market are now leaving the market, citing it as an immature market that is “likely to generate losses for the foreseeable future.” Most recently, 3com dropped their device, Audrey, after less than stellar performance. Gateway and Netpliance both stopped their IA plans, and Intel and Compaq have had slow […]

Interview with Caz at beemulated

by @ Wednesday, March 21st, 2001. Filed under Submitted News

BeEmulated, the definitive BeOS Emulation Site, yesterday ran an interview with Caz, the man responsible for tons of different BeOS based emulators. Its a good read, and has one of the strangest (and slightly disturbing) lines I have ever read, where Caz wishes for “an emulator which could simulate Heaven and Hell, so I could […]

Forums Updated with LOTS of New Features

by @ Wednesday, March 21st, 2001. Filed under Forums

Just a quick note to point out that I updated our forums last night, which added several new features, including poll threads, avatars for users, thread ratings, much faster response, and a community calendar which i will possibly create a menu item for as well. Also, In the next few weeks there will be some […]

AnyKey Back Online, sort of

by @ Wednesday, March 21st, 2001. Filed under The "Any" Key

In an effort to get the Any Key back up after our recent “crisis”, Rob has sent in several of his other comics in the form of one frame strips. They will be running temporarily while he builds up a lead time for the main strip again. Of course, you regular readers already know this, […]

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