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So what’s up with the AnyKey?

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2001 @ 1:59 PM
The "Any" Key

Several people have emailed me asking what is going on with the Any Key, our (formerly) regular comic strip. Well, first off, it isn’t dead. Rob’s (windows) computer died, along with all the templates he needed to produce the strips on time. It was unfortunate timing, as we had let our leadtime dwindle a bit, and ran out of strips. So until he can repair the damage and get back to producing the strip, it will just be sitting there. :-/ I am sure Rob isn’t feeling too great about it, so why not email him your support if you want to see it back sooner. :)

Be includes Flash Support in BeIA

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2001 @ 1:51 PM
Be Inc

Be has announced that they will be including the official Macromedia Flash player in BeIA. This will allow lots of cool content to be seen on BeIA devices. Hopefully this will make it’s way to become a standard BeOS component as well, but in the mean time, The General Coffee Company makes a great flash player for beos, which can act as a plugin for Opera on BeOS. As a side note, sorry this is a bit late in posting… I am home for break, and not online as often as usual. Anyway, read on for the full press release.

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