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Archive for March, 2001

TuneTracker Site Launches

by @ Saturday, March 3rd, 2001. Filed under BeOSRadio

BeOSRadio’s spinoff software, TuneTracker, has just launched its web site. The site is still pretty sparse, but looking good. What’s even more interesting is that over on le Buzz, Dane has mentioned that 6 people have purchased it already, a large network of Christian stations are interested (they broadcast in 165 languages, so their infrastructure […]

A Few Great BeOS Apps Lower Prices

by @ Saturday, March 3rd, 2001. Filed under Submitted News

Both T-rackS and Corum III have lowered their prices. T-rackS, the amazing analog-simulating audio mastering software, has not been doing well enough on BeOS for IK Multimedia to continue it’s development. It has been “on hold” for a while. Eugenia Loli of BeNews emailed them, and they lowered the price on the latests BeOS version […]

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