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Be tackles Audio Head-On

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 08 Jan, 2001 @ 1:13 AM
Be Inc

Be has published two press releases…one about their audio platform, HARP, and the other about an interesting broadband music service. HARP sounds like a new name on the basis of Be’s AURA, which is a killer system. If this is handled well, it could revolutionize the stereo. Sounds good tome. The broadband alliance with Music Republic (more net+ friendly page) is also interesting as it acts as a listening point for tons of various channels, and has been working at Tower Records in New York since last September. Can anyone else see free “Try Music Browser at Home” CD’s hanging next to this, with free Be on it? :P

Neverwinter Nights Interview Part Deux

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 06 Jan, 2001 @ 2:02 PM

When we ran the first part of our Neverwinter Nights interview, we promised a follow up. Well, Scar picked some of the best questions from the comments and sent em over, and they have been answered. Enjoy. :)

Sony unveils new IA’s and Qubit has some news

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 06 Jan, 2001 @ 12:34 AM

Lots of new IA’s have been unveiled at CES, including Sony’s eVilla. This is a huge deal for Be Inc, as it is a MAJOR new unannounced partner finally announcing products. Meanwhile Qubit has stated that they are going to announce a few IA’s at CES, and have posted 3 new press releases on their website. Update: you can find some great images of the eVilla here and read the Be press release here. Also, BeDope has announced “eVilla week”, so check them out everyday for updated *ahem* news. :)

Nurbana for BeOS port completed but still alpha

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 01 Jan, 2001 @ 3:34 AM
Submitted News

Nurbana, a unique 3D modelling software, has just been ported to BeOS. It is currently in late alpha state, and testing continues. Read on for the blurb from their recent newsletter with more info…

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