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3ivX not released on BeOS yet

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 16 Dec, 2000 @ 2:30 AM

Well.. in a stunning move of not-so-coolness, 3ivx launched today, but only with a windows version and a note that the BeOS version will “Take a little longer”. It is listed on their page, and their commitment seems to be intact, but it looks like another waiting game has begun. Oh well. Time to offer our support and let them know how much we want it… Maybe we can get it pushed up on their schedule. On the upside, this will allow lots of content to be created before our codec is released.

What would happen to Linux if BeOS were GPL’ed

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 16 Dec, 2000 @ 12:18 AM

Slashdot has an interesting story asking Slashdot readers what would happen to Linux if BeOS we’re GPL’ed. While BeOS will almost certainly never be opensourced due to licensed code and the fact that it shares a lot of code with BeIA, it is an interesting discussion. Be warned though.. the article is about the effect on linux, and not on the software world as a whole. And Slashdot readers tend to be pretty closed minded about anything being better than Linux. (not that BeOS users are consistently rational) My advice is to take the high road. Read along and correct false information, while avoiding getting trapped in a religious war.

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