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New BMessage posted. It rules. No, really.

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 06 Dec, 2000 @ 8:52 PM
Be Inc

Ladies and gentlemen, I think Be is starting to see the need to support their community a bit more directly. In the the new BMessage on their site, there are several very nice articles. JLG talks about wireless, such as bluetooth. Lee Williams directly tackles the issue of co-development, in a great article, basically explaining Be’s seeming silence. Very reassuring. Finally, Jon Watte has written an article about a whole new portion of the media kit api called game_audio, which is apparently pretty nice. While they have done the BMessage for a while, this one is especially nice. This thing made my day. :)

Black and White port fund announced

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 06 Dec, 2000 @ 5:18 PM

Ok. So the announcement of Black & White’s port being in question seemed to upset quite a few people. It upset me as well. People started talking of ways to save it, and I offered to help. Soon a completely insane, and very unlikely plan was formed. Read on..UPDATE: Had to upgrade account types to handle the flood (no joke) at paypal, so now they take a small fee of 30cents + 2.2% from incoming payments. This can not be refunded, because i can’t afford to cover the cost. People who have contributed before this change have been marked, and will not have to worry about this.

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