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Neverwinter Nights progressing nicely.

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2000 @ 5:56 PM

Long time BeOS users may remember from way back when Bioware announced that they were developing their top of the line roleplaying game, Neverwinter Nights, for the BeOS. People were overjoyed. This was not a port, but a direct release of a top-tier game. Since then we have not heard much from bioware about the beos version, and people began to doubt their sincerity. Thanks to the keen eye of Scar, a BeGroovy reader, we now have a status update for you…

BeOSRadio interviews Lamar Potts

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2000 @ 4:10 AM

BeOSRadio has been running Comdex interviews with Lamar Potts of Be, Inc regarding their recent BeIA announcements of MAP and Epson support. They have agreed to allow us to post a mirror of those reports here, for your listening pleasure.

BeDevCity back online!

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 15 Nov, 2000 @ 3:53 AM

Billy Kakes wrote in to let us know that BeDevCity, a Hotline server for BeOS developers featuring sample code, developer chat, and beta testing among dev’s. The service gets better as more people join, and the already active group is looking for new developers to join in the fray. Billy also mentioned that they are developing a bot called “cowgirl” to whom they hope to add database functionality. To log in to BeDevCity from BeOS, try SilverWing, the excellent BeOS Hotline client. Welcome Back guys!

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