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Xentronix Changes Focus to MacOSX

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Jun, 2007 @ 9:17 AM
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As reported over at Haiku News, Xentronix is ceasing development on BeOS/Zeta/Haiku platforms and focusing entirely on the MacOSX platform. It’s very sad to see them go, but it looks as if Frans, et al, took a hit, both financially and in faith, during the recent Zeta troubles. Can’t say that I can blame them. For the details, head on over to Haiku News to read all about the email Remi received from Frans.

We Need a Graphics Artist

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 20 Apr, 2007 @ 1:12 PM
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BeGroovy is preparing for a website redesign, among other efforts, and we have an urgent need for someone that does graphics arts better than Yez or I can (which isn’t asking for much), since Cougar is a bit too occupied recently to do anything for us.  The work will be mainly logos, the category icons and the like at a minimum, and helping out with the entire look of the website for the initiated (and for the extremely initiated, some work beyond that as well).  Unpaid, unfortunately.  :(

If you are interested in helping out, email me - dj at thisdomain.

BeBug Contest

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 08 Aug, 2005 @ 2:36 PM
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Begasus (aka Luc Schrijvers) wrote in to let everyone know that BeBug is running a wallpaper contest. The winner will be rewarded with a full ZETA 1.0. You can get more info on the contest here. I look forward to seeing some fresh graphics work in the community - I need a new wallpaper on my new Zeta install! ;)

YellowBites Bites Again

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 12 Nov, 2004 @ 7:32 PM
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Longtime BeOS user/developer Stephan Assmus wrote in with this bit of news:

The YellowBites website has gotten a complete makeover. The long missing pages for WonderBrush have been added, including a few brief turorials. All the graphics on the site have been created in WonderBrush. Some of the information of the old site had really been outdated, so the update was long overdue. Let’s hope YellowBites can keep their pages up to speed with their software. This update shows YellowBites commitment to the BeOS and Zeta platform.

Must check out this WonderBrush application, yes, I must.

Want some Haiku?

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 23 Jun, 2004 @ 9:40 PM
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So, it’s not altogether coherent, but fitting and fun. The Genuine Haiku Generator. Enjoy.

Edit: Decided to add one of my own in tribute to the new logo…

three leaves - green, orange, gold
float gracefully, poetic
simply said: Haiku

BeOS Max Logo Contest

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Posted by:Yez on Tuesday, 16 Dec, 2003 @ 10:30 AM
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For those of you that fancy yourself an artist, head on over to the BeOS Max pages to learn about a Logo contest for the version 3.1 release of BeOS Max. It is good to see the community working together to get things done.
update: DOH! after reading through the contest rules, it appears that your entries are due NOW or a short time ago… Maybe we can ask the BeOS Max fellas for an extension of a couple of days. Please ;-)
update2: WAHOO!!! The contest has been extended. Please, make sure you read the rules so you know what can be entered before you submit your images. Good Luck!

BeOS Icons for OS X and OpenBeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 19 Aug, 2002 @ 9:56 AM
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Last week I heard from a BeOS fan, Matthew McClintock. He has created some BeOS Icons for OS X. This is great for everyone using OS X who misses Be, but doesn’t help Be itself. However, after I pointed out that OpenBeOS needs icons, Matt was surprised and agreed whole heartedly to helping out. He has said:

But of course! I had no idea that the larger icons could be re-worked
for one of the BeOS spinoffs (I’ve occasionally run into news on
OpenBeOS, but haven’t followed it closely).

I’d be delighted to be able to contribute to the project - I’d prefer
to begin by doing the actual work, but if for whatever reason I can’t
cut the mustard I’ll provide my Illustrator files to whoever *can* cut

In other words, OpenBeOS has a volunteer icon designer, if they want it. And they can have them all in vector format… which means that for R1 they OBOS can render them down to 32×32 pixel, and in the future can go vector with larger icons, as discussed in this forum thread. All in all, not a bad deal. I hope someone from OBOS reads this and decides to email Matt and get him involved. (Not including his email here for anti-spam reasons. Go to his site as linked above and contact him.) :)

As an aside, DAMN those icons are pretty. I really hope OBOS embraces them and puts them in in all their scalable vector glory. :)

Xentronix needs Refraction Testers

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 12 Jul, 2002 @ 9:20 AM
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Xentronix is in need of more testers for Refraction. Their last beta worked for half the people, and broke for the other half. They need to figure out why. You can see a lot of news about development at their news page. Looks like this thing isn’t far off now. :)

Blender lives?

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 01 Jul, 2002 @ 12:51 AM
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Raise your hand if you remember Blender. You know, the 3d app that was ported to BeOS and later died when their company ran out of funding? In any case.. it looks like it may not be dead after all. There is an effort happening at blender3d.com to get all parts of the blender code openend up. What makes this effort different from other efforts? Its being lead by the founder of NaN, blenders original company.

Xentronix releases new Refraction Beta!

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 30 Jun, 2002 @ 5:22 PM
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Xentronix has released Beta 5 of Refraction. Get it Here!

Update from the Xentronix news page: Update: Unfortunately the PatternAddon does not work correct on all systems and might crash Refraction on start-up. You know this when it crashes on the second Icon.
We are aware of this and are working to fix it. The pattern addon will be removed from the package in days and be replaced by a combo-box control similar to the brush-selection control.

Inferno renamed - Now Refraction

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Posted by:Ryan on Sunday, 23 Jun, 2002 @ 12:23 AM
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Rob Lund wrote in to point out that Xentronix has announced that Inferno, the BeOS-Native image editor, is being renamed to “Refraction”, due to whining from people who make products that have nothing to do with image editing that they also call Inferno. (that last bit about whining is my addition, not Xentronix’s. It’s late. sue me.)

To follow up on this world-changing announcement, they will be releasing a new public beta by the end of the week. Which will obviously rock.

Also, they released a new beta of SampleStudio 1.5. Apparently it has a lot of new features. Features are of course good. As is SampleStudio.

A big “rock on” to the boys at Xentronix. Read more about the whole thing here

Nurbana port successful

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 04 May, 2002 @ 1:18 PM
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Just recieved this in my inbox:

Hello, just thought I’d let you know the nurbana port to BeOS was
successful. It should appear on the website sometime saturday afternoon.

The web site is of course nurbana.cx and the product is of course a very cool free NURBS 3d modelling system.

Now to get it ported to OpenBeOS, BlueEyedOS, or whatever the Atheos Forked one is called these days…

Good news? I think so. ;)

Nurbana for BeOS - your choice

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 07 Mar, 2002 @ 2:27 AM
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Nurbana, a 3D modeler for Linux, Windows, BeOS is currently behind on the BeOS version. Roger Andre Lassen wrote in to ask about it, and the response was:

Hello, you are the first to ask about this in a while… I had difficulty getting BeOS working during last version and that is why there is only version 1.02 avail for BeOS and not 1.03. If you can gather a list with at least 25 names on it, then I will schedule a BeOS port for 1.03.1, otherwise it just doesn’t seam feasible.

So there you go, if we gather a list with 25 names, the port will likely happen.

Update - Do not email Roger, email me, and I’ll forward him the list of names interested. Please note, neither I, nor Roger, can answer technical questions about Nurbana, we are only collecting a list of names interested. ;)

Inferno A Go

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Feb, 2002 @ 6:43 PM
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While we were down, Frans van Nispen, one of the developers of Inferno (website address to change to this new address), posted news on the Inferno site that states that development of Inferno on the BeOS platform will continue.

In the release, Frans states:

We have decided not only to finish this version, but keep supporting the mass of BeOS users that still are all around the world. Also the current state and progress on the Open BeOS project are so promising, that we decided to be there when the first release is brought out.

The team is also looking for feedback on Inferno - Go HERE to read this release, among others, and find out how you can submit feedback.

Lost Marble calling it quits on BeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 01 Jun, 2001 @ 3:59 PM
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Well, it’s official. Lost Marble has dropped support for BeOS, after reluctant updates in the past. The 0confirmation came in a reply to BeNews inquiries about a 2.6 release for BeOS. They sounded upset about dropping BeOS, but realistic about their business, and it is hard to fault that sort of thinking. Like they said,

When we first created Moho for BeOS, we saw a great deal of potential for multimedia artists. Now however, we can’t imagine why an animator would choose this OS. It seems that anyone doing animation on BeOS must be putting animation as a second priority behind choosing an operating system.

I would love to say that we should all hold on, and that bone/opengl/r6 will be released soon, and we can get back up to speed. But at this point, Be has let things degrade so far that I am not sure it’s possible to fix it. Oh well. I hope they try, and even more so, I hope they succeed.

Pixel32 News? Soon.

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 19 May, 2001 @ 11:04 AM
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From the Pixel 32 website:

New website is almost ready, it will be uploaded on Monday May,21st 2001. We’re also looking for BeOS coder who will be able to continue port and development of command line compiler for BeOS.

Not quite sure what the whole compiler thing is about.. But in anycase, maybe we will learn more monday. The best bit is the news item below it, stating the redesign was due to their “lack of free time” - They didn’t have enough time to update it, so they are gonna recode the whole thing to make it easier. :P

Moho updated on BeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2001 @ 1:55 AM
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In a very interesting move, Lost Marble has posted what is labeled Moho 2.2 to BeBits. Version 2.2 is the current version of their animation software Moho for all platforms. We recently ran an email from Moho showing questionable support of the BeOS version. While the changes from 2.0 to 2.2 are mainly windows specific and won’t help BeOS users much, this rapid update to the BeOS edition could be shown as a very positive message from Lost Marble.

First Pixel32 BeOS alpha posted for registered users

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 28 Nov, 2000 @ 9:04 PM
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In a rather understated move, Secundum Artem has posted the first alpha of their BeOS port of pixel32. It is VERY alpha, and still has no file open/save features. But it is available to already-registered users. If you have recieved your username and password (you should have by now) head to their support page and log in. You should find the alpha on the following page. If you dont have a username or password, now’s a great time to register!

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