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BeOS Radio Week

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 15 Mar, 2002 @ 8:06 AM
Submitted News

Technix is organizing a BeOS Radio Week to be held March 24 - 30. He’s hoping to bring BeOS Radio back into the top ten at Live 365. You can read about it on The BeOS Journal, and catch a tidbit on it on leBuzz. Keep up all the hard work Technix!

Xentronix Details

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 14 Mar, 2002 @ 12:17 AM
Submitted News

BeFAQs has two stories up of great interest… The first regards information concerning Inferno. The second has some juicy details about Xentronix’s new announcement of Sample Studio, a 2 channel audio editor to be released later this year. Head over to BeFAQs to get all the good info.

MS innovating again - database-like file system

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 14 Mar, 2002 @ 12:04 AM
Submitted News

Caught the link to this article on /.. Seems MS is going to enable a new file system (Object File System) based off a database to help enable sharing of file types and to make queries easier (no, they don’t actually call them queries). My favorite quote:

“This hasn’t been done in a commercial operating system, but it has been done with Oracle’s database,”

Isn’t that funny, I thought it had been done in a commercial operating system, like some 10 years ago. Hehe… :/

BeOS Journal lookin good

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 13 Mar, 2002 @ 2:46 AM
Submitted News

As already reported by TotallyBe and BeFAQs, The BeOS Journal has re-awakened (remember it is now .net, not .com). Just wanted to comment that I like the new look, and I’m glad to see it come back to life.

Technix and Minox are also building a new site, BeHistory, which will have all sorts of stories from Be, Inc.’s history, and possibly some more into the future. Submit stories and articles via this email address.

BeatWare Leaves Option for OBOS

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 04 Feb, 2002 @ 7:49 PM
Submitted News

Jared wrote to BeatWare about their older BeOS applications and OpenBeOS, and got, well, the expected answer from the Vice President of Product Marketing:

If the OpenBeOS can prove itself as a viable commercial platform, then I’m sure we will consider once again supporting it. I’ll be honest though, it will have to become much more popular than it ever was before with far more customers willing to pay for software.

Like I said, the expected answer, but at least they didn’t say “No” straight out - now they know about OBOS and can watch it develop. But, hmmmm, paying customers? Isn’t OpenBeOS an “OSS” thing where nobody expects to actually _pay_ for anything. Let’s hope not.

Teldar announces the commercial availability of BeServed

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 31 Jan, 2002 @ 12:41 AM
Submitted News

Teldar sent out an email to registered BeServed users that BeServed, previously available as an evaluation version for free, is now available commercially. The evaluation copy will expire on January 31st, but you can get the commercial version at a low introductory price.

BeServed is one of those great apps that make working with other Operating Systems a whole lot more bearable. It is a must have on my list. Click on “Read More” for all the good info.

PalmSource Convention invites to Be developers

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 30 Jan, 2002 @ 12:06 AM
Submitted News

Palm evidently is now putting to use Be’s contact databases. They have sent out invites to many BeOS community members to attend the PalmSource Conference in San Jose, Feb 5-8. From the first paragraph:

As a member of the Be community, we would like to offer you a complimentary pass to PalmSource, the premier developer conference for mobile computing.

The rest is form letter for attending the conference. As Pete W. said, seems someone there “wants to love us”. :)

Do You Know of any Undocumented Be APIs?

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 08 Jan, 2002 @ 12:11 AM
Submitted News

The man known throughout much of the BeOS community as YNOP (and one of the developers of the upcoming Inferno) is hunting down, collecting and documenting all the information he can on BeOS’s undocumented API calls, before the knowledge is lost forever.

This is a very, very important thing that needs to be done (and should have been done a long time ago). If you have run into any of these, YNOP would like to hear from you - drop him an email.

Stuff You Gotta Have - But Won’t

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 07 Jan, 2002 @ 11:49 PM
Submitted News

Don’t misconstrue the headline - I’m saying right up front, Stuff You Gotta Have’s current BeOS software will still be supported. It’s anything new, that you “Won’t”. ;)

Citing “various reasons”, Stuff You Gotta Have has decided to get out of the BeOS software business. Mage Productions will carry on the current BeOS application Bookmobile (now called postcardware), and SYGH will still offer it’s Gobe Productive addons CD Templates and Checkbook XL. Click on Read More to read the press release.

While it’s always sad to see developers leave the community, even the developers of smaller applications, it is good to know that they still care enough to make sure those of us left behind are taken care of. :) Thanks SYGH.

JLG Chronicles

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2001 @ 1:07 AM
Submitted News

mooooooo found another link out there, this one an article written by JLG. It’s in French, but for the english readers out there, I’ve put the Babelfish translation in the “Read More” link. Hehe, good luck with that. :P Any real French folk out there want to translate it a bit better for us?

Japanese BeOS community still going strong

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 25 Dec, 2001 @ 6:24 PM
Submitted News

BeatJapan, the BeOS Users Group over in the land of the rising sun, aren’t looking to see any sun set on their favorite OS either. They are even still organizing BeaCon4 - a gathering of Japanese BeOS users for the 4th year running.

Browsing through some of their pages - you can try Babelfish to read these pages - forum readers noticed a couple of interesting items - a glove attached to a BeOS machine, evidently for a virtual Tamagotchi (pictured here and here, found on this page), and the WinBe project (which was reported a very long time ago) is still actively progressing and planning on making an appearance at BeaCon4 (and the pages are in english). WinBe is an effort similar to BeWINE to run, not emulate, Windows applications on BeOS.

So, it seems, we still have a brotherhood of BeOS users over there. Now all that we need is a group of bilingual people to make sure that we all stay together and focus efforts together. Anyone reading this speak Japanese? Thanks to moooooo and AlienSoldier for the links.

OpenBeOS newsletter online

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 19 Dec, 2001 @ 8:01 PM
Submitted News

TottalyBe, which I don’t think we’ve formally greeted to the BeOS website community yet - Maverick, the maintainer of the former BeOS Central, has returned to the community with this new news site - welcome back! :D

Ah-hem, back on topic - TotallyBe noted that the newest OpenBeOS newsletter (#7) is now online. I find that these articles are good reads, and reminiscent of Be’s pre-IPO newsletters (likely on purpose ;) ).

Ignosecond, hehe, especially rings home, as a couple of days ago I experienced that very intensive moment as I realized my keys were in my other pants at the moment my apartment door shut, locked of course. :P

Microsoft / DOJ Settlement

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 02 Nov, 2001 @ 6:57 PM
Submitted News

Ok. So the DOJ and Microsoft seem to have reached a tenative agreement. While I am not about to say that its anywhere near as much as microsoft deserves (they are already guilty, so why do they get off so easy?), there is one interesting point. Actually, its the first one.

A. Microsoft shall not retaliate against an OEM by altering Microsoft’s commercial relations with that OEM, or by withholding newly introduced forms of non-monetary Consideration (including but not limited to new versions of existing forms of non-monetary Consideration) from that OEM, because it is known to Microsoft that the OEM is or is contemplating:

1. developing, distributing, promoting, using, selling, or licensing any software that competes with Microsoft Platform Software or any product or service that distributes or promotes any Non-Microsoft Middleware;

2. shipping a Personal Computer that (a) includes both a Windows Operating System Product and a non-Microsoft Operating System, or (b) will boot with more than one Operating System; or

3. exercising any of the options or alternatives provided for under this Final Judgment.

In otherwords, the bootloader license that microsoft uses to stop alternative operating systems from being bundled by OEMS is as good as dead, assuming there isnt a hidden loophole soemwhere else in the agreement. This is /great/ news for the alternative OS community, although it does not help alleviate any of the other monopolistic issues (bundling, etc). The word is that the states are not planning on signing the agreement, and may continue the case without the DOJ. This would mean that not only does Microsoft have to follow this agreement, but they also become subject to whatever punishment is given to them by the trial with the 17 various states. So cheer up.. it may turn out ok after all. :)

Wired finally

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 22 Oct, 2001 @ 11:08 AM
Submitted News

Wired has a new article up about an old topic to Be’ers - Finalscratch. No mention is made as to which OS it runs on, but I personally have some serious doubts that it’s BeOS anymore. Someone please prove me wrong. :)

[Update: by nutcase] Hey there.. looks like someone proved Deej wrong. Mark-Jan Bastian, the lead Finalscratch developer, emailed us the following:

As the main developer of FinalScratch, I can confirm that the ProFS version that is used by Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva are running under BeOS R5 on a laptop. The ProFS ‘turnkey’ systems, available in limited quantities by the end of this month, are also running under BeOS.

Sounds like confirmation to me. :)

BeShare offline - possible BeOS source tree leak

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 08 Oct, 2001 @ 10:06 PM
Submitted News

Beshare’s primary server, beshare.bentonrea.com, is now offline permenantly. This was mainly due to the maintainer of the server, Ben, being tired of trying to prevent software piracy through his freely provided system. In the past, anti-piracy warning messages on the server have gotten more and more extreme, as certain people have leaked betas and pirated copies of applications through the system. Recently however, Ben says he simply hasn’t had the time to “baby-sit” the server and prevent abuses. This goes to show, if you have something good, don’t abuse it. It can easily be taken away.

The rumor is that someone shared the BeOS source code, which resulted in immediate termination of the server. I do not have confirmation of this, but it would definately be grounds for the server’s closure. Many have wished for the code in the past, and if rumors are true, that wish was granted. But the source is useless (as its illegal to use, and perhaps to even have), and the leak resulted in the loss of one of the best beos resources around. Like the subtitle says above, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

I personally have used BeShare an awful lot in the past, and quite enjoyed the application, and the server. Ben is a great guy, who put a lot of time into providing a great free resource. It’s a shame to see it go because people could not respect that contribution. I want to thank Ben for the time the server was online, and for his efforts to make it great. It was fun while it lasted. Meanwhile, BeShare itself is by no means useless. There are several other servers listed in the release which are still functioning. So try using one of them in the future.. and from now on, maybe a bit more respect and consideration can be given to the maintainers wishes.

Comments still busted. Discuss this item here.

JLG to participate in round-table forum on the future of apple

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 10 Aug, 2001 @ 5:13 PM
Submitted News

Just had this page at mercury news pointed out to me. Of special interest is the bit under the “Internet” subheading. It says:

SiliconValley.com, the online partner of the Mercury News, will host an online round table discussion on the present and future of Apple Computer. Participants will include former Apple Chief Executive Gil Amelio, industry analyst Tim Bajarin, Mercury News reporter Jon Fortt, former Apple product division president Jean-Louis Gasseé and former Macintosh product manager Jef Raskin. The discussion will begin Monday at 9 a.m. and end at noon Aug. 16.

Probably doesn’t mean anything, but it could sure be a lot of fun to watch/read/whatever.

BeOS and Pro Audio - The Need For Be

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 09 Aug, 2001 @ 10:38 AM
Submitted News

Michael Lumb submitted a short editorial for us (also submitted to leBuzz). It points out how, even in current times, the pro audio industry is still behind BeOS _AND_ BeIA, and shows that devices such as the eVilla aren’t the only things that could keep BeOS alive. Hit the Read More link for the editorial.

Tons of Peices

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 09 Aug, 2001 @ 10:13 AM
Submitted News

Tons of little items to report that have been building up in my mailbox for some time… brace yourselves…

The article about potential buyers of Be on OS Opinion, later posted to Yahoo! and linked to from BeNews.

Helmut Hauff of Siegfried Soft is searching for beta testers for their upcoming software product Siegfried Backup. Email him with specs on your system (specifically “streamers”) if you are interested.

Samuel Hart wrote in to let everyone know about the release of Tux Typing v1.0. Tux Typing is a typing tutor game. There will be an IRC party to discuss the future of Tux Typing today. Click the Read More link to find out more about it.

TnBug, the Tunisian BUG, has found a home for the French version of their website on Profuzion. An english version, for their planned projects, will be uploaded to their account on BeUnited later (the same french version is there now).

And speaking of BUGs, Dlazlo at i-BUG is going to give away some BuzzCDs from leBuzz to the first 3 public library or public school technology directors that email him. There’s a proactive person at getting BeOS out there. Kudos to him for it!

Get a Be, Inc. Stock Certificate

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 09 Aug, 2001 @ 9:59 AM
Submitted News

BeGirl on BeFaqs beat us to this one, but it’s still worth mentioning - OneShare has told David Huff that if they recieved more than 10 requests for Be stock, they’d consider it. If you want to own only “one share” certificate, to say, frame and hang next to your BeOS computer, email them and let them know. I think I’m going to… it would be something cool to put right next to all the Be books and software boxes I have sitting around. :P

BeOS on a G4?

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Posted by:Deej on Sunday, 29 Jul, 2001 @ 8:49 PM
Submitted News

What if you could run BeOS on a G4 - or even better, a dual G4? Well, according to this company, one day, you might be able to. Zenja saw the link on Slashdot, and caught the reference to BeOS. Reading through the description for their proposed desktop system, the Apocolyps, you’ll see the following:

The system will be available with a choice of processors including the Motorola G4/7410 and G4/7450. Operating system choices will include AmigaOS, AmigaDE, BeOS, LINUX, QNX and others. MacOS compatibility is currently being investigated.

Yes, that’s BeOS you see in there. And they mention dual G4’s in the works.

Now we’ve heard of other CHRP PPC platforms in the past that never fanned out, so I’ll believe it when I can order it. And we don’t know if they’ve actually tested BeOS on their systems or are going by the fact that BeOS runs on PPC, but haven’t realized that it’s just not the same thing. :P

But what may make the difference this time is the fact that the CTO for this company is non other than Dave Haynie, a senior engineer involved with Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000. This company has won the rights to manufactur the AmigaOne (the next generation Amiga). So, they obviously have some weight here, and want to see another “dead” OS live - the Amiga - so we can only hope. I’ve sent off an email to them to try to get some answers and other info - I’ll post that when I know.

No, I haven’t heard from them yet, but Avner sent in this link to a mailing list with this message. In short:

BeOS runs on the PPC. The problem here, today, would simply be that PPC editions haven’t been kept up to date. At least for desktop BeOS; I don’t know the status of BeIA on PPC, if there’s any support or not. In general, an embedded/IA OS that only runs on x86 is a foolish plan, since most such devices won’t use x86. But hey, no one said Be, despite their technology (which is good), has yet made one right step…

So there you have it, from Dave Haynie himself.

*****UPDATE 2*****
Okay, this is getting longer by the day… any more news on this will be in a separate news item, I promise. Here is the reply to my inquiry from Merlancia Industres:

We are working on making sure thta BeOS will run with no problems. Currently our firmware is not finished. We have Linux and MorphOS running currently. With BeOS we expect several driver related issues to arise.

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