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The Forums Are Back

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Posted by:Yez on Friday, 01 May, 2009 @ 8:16 PM

After a little configuration snafu, we are happy to say that the BeGroovy forums are back and available for your enjoyment!

Forums Back and Better

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 27 Dec, 2004 @ 8:23 PM

The Forums are back online, slicker and faster than ever. No data was lost in the migration. We might modify the look a slight bit, but otherwise we are operational. In the process, I cleaned out the user database, removing well over 2000 inactive user accounts. Basically, if you haven’t logged in for over a year, or you have posted less than 2 times in the past year, you were removed. If I have inadvertantly removed someone that shouldn’t have been, sorry. I have also given moderation privileges to some of the long time users, so that we can control spam threads and the like better. Enjoy! :)

Begroovy forums are down.

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Posted by:Cougar on Monday, 20 Dec, 2004 @ 11:15 PM

As you can see, due to a PHP bug the Begroovy forums are temporarily down. We are currently working hard to get them back online. We will announce their return once the forums are back online. So until then, bear with us and we apologize for any inconveniences.

Thank you.

UPDATE: We’ve gotten them back online. However, we’ll be migrating to new forums soon, so expect some outages again, except this time planned.

Synapse Lounge opens for business

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 02 Mar, 2002 @ 10:55 PM

Ok.. so many of you are probably aware that I have been working on a new forum site for quite a long time. This site was put on hold for quite a while as I got a new job and was spending my time moving and getting up to speed. Now I am settled in and had a bit of time to relax and finish up on the site. So, without further ado, I hereby invite you all to head over to http://www.synapselounge.com and join the next generation of the begroovy forums.

Unless someone can afford to donate the $85 needed for a second year-long vBulletin license (which will allow a year for the migration, rather than just weeks), I will be locking the current forums within the next few weeks (right after the lounge has passed this “beta test”). This will make the Lounge the only BeGroovy forums… however, I will keep the current forum in a locked, non-public accessible state for reference to all the data in it. In other words, begin the migration. I promise to support the BeOS side of the lounge as well or better than I support begroovy’s forums, as they soon will BE the begroovy forums.

I hope that I can make Synapse Lounge as great of a community as BeGroovy has turned out to be, and I would appreciate all of your help. Thanks!

p.s. - If you already gave me a username/password for the new forums, they are entered and waiting for you. Just update your new profiles. :)

We did something cool, and didn’t notice. :P

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 10 May, 2001 @ 7:26 PM

Wow. Ok. So I was browsing the web a second ago, and imagine my shock when I saw this story on BeNews about this thread in our forums, creating a sort of skills database for BeOS users. The story also mentions this thread in which Chris Herborth has opened the source to his BeOS projects. That will teach me to hang out in the “Everything Else” forum rather than the “BeOS Discussion” forum. Anyway, I think this skills database idea is a great thing. If anyone (someone from that thread maybe?) has the time to commit to writing a simple web-app to do this on a grander scale, I will gladly host it here. Hell, I will help you write it, if you take the lead. Finally, Why am I reporting on a BeNews story about us rather than just reporting the news? Cause I thought it would be fun. ;)

Forums Updated with LOTS of New Features

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 21 Mar, 2001 @ 11:23 AM

Just a quick note to point out that I updated our forums last night, which added several new features, including poll threads, avatars for users, thread ratings, much faster response, and a community calendar which i will possibly create a menu item for as well. Also, In the next few weeks there will be some work done on the user system to integrate the two sections of our site, so be prepared. Finally, I have added a new banner management system, so we will be announcing custom advertising plans in the near future, for those of you who have asked. You can vote on and discuss the changes to our forums here.

What news sites to you watch?

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 25 Jan, 2001 @ 9:31 AM

Ok… this isnt forum news, but the icon is cool, so cope. I have heard that one of the news ticker style proggies are gonna be getting an update soon, and the developer wants to know what sites you would like it to cover. Basically any site with headlines: Be, tech, entertainment, sports, whatever. BeDope stuff is good too.. Now please don’t think that this means any time a dev needs some info i am gonna post a news item asking y’all… I am just very curious about this myself, seeing as I run a website with sidebar potential… ;)

Private Messaging added to BeGroovy Forums

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000 @ 12:04 AM

I just added some GREAT new features to the BeGroovy Forums for all of you…. Private Messaging and and Ignore list! Now you can send private messages between forum members, and you can choose to ignore any member(s) of the forums you want. If you haven’t yet tried our forums, now’s a great time to check em out. They are a great community resource. If you have tried the forums, get over there and play!

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