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Cosmoe Status Update

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 31 Mar, 2004 @ 9:01 PM

NoBeForMe pointed out this link in the forums. It contains a status update from Bill Hayden of Cosmoe, which talks of the efforts going on behind the scenes. As Bill puts it, he has “basically turning Cosmoe into a OBOS port to Linux”. Can’t wait to see it!

Cosmoe 0.7rc12 out

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 26 Jun, 2003 @ 6:04 PM

Also on beunited.org (see post just below this one), Cosmoe 0.7rc12 is now out, and has included the SDL as the graphics library, which adds a whole new world of functionality to Cosmoe. While not yet an R5 replacement, it’s getting there. Help test, Download it and try it out!

Cosmoe 0.7rc3 released!

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 13 Jun, 2003 @ 1:17 PM

Cosmoe, the “Compatible Open Source Multi Operating-system Environment” created when Bill Hayden forked the atheos app_server, put it on top of the linux kernel, changed the API to be BeOS-like, and started attaching other api’s like openstep/cocoa, and the linux standards, has a new release. This release, 0.7rc3 is a “close to ready” 0.7 release which has a few more bugs. Most of the work since the last release has been internal, and involved nearly rewriting libcosmoe from scratch based on the openbeos codebase. Yes folks, they are sharing. This is why free software rules.

In any case, go check out the new release if you are so inclined. If it’s good, consider helping out. You can read the complete announcement simply by clicking the read more link. Congratulations Bill!

Cosmoe 0.5.5 Released

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 29 Jul, 2002 @ 3:02 PM

Apparently Cosmoe 0.5.5 was released yesterday. This version makes it easier to build and run on top of linux, and stops “hosing” some things, only to begin hosing others. Sounds like fun. Wheee! Anyway… read on for the actual entry about the release from the cosmoe site.

Cosmoe 0.5.3 released

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 01 Jul, 2002 @ 10:15 AM

Cosmoe 0.5.3 was released today, and includes “patches to make it compile easier.” The Development Diary mentions the next step is coding on real video drivers. Here is a straight copy/paste of some news:

7/1/2002 - Today I released Cosmoe 0.5.3, with yet more patches to make compiling and running Cosmoe easier.

6/30/2002 - After many days of effort, I now have autoconf support in Cosmoe. Just ./configure, make, and make install. No more shell variables…


Interesting, eh? No doubt. In any case, it’s all available at cosmoe.com, which uses frames and is thus incredibly unlinkable. So you are gonna have to navigate on your own.

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