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Another Z bites the Dust

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 25 Feb, 2008 @ 9:52 AM
BlueEyed OS

Well, chalk one more ended post-BeOS project up for Bernd…

Bernd and the Zebuntu Team decided to go different ways. This has some consequences to Zebuntu.
The next Beta version will be shipped with a new icon and window theme.
The development of the BeOS Compatibility Layer and integration therefor is now freezed.

Not much a reason to switch if it’s just for the look. You probably won’t see anymore posts here about Bernd or Z*. Thanks for the head’s up BeJay. :)

Zeta… I Mean Ubuntu… Zebuntu Beta 2

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 19 Feb, 2008 @ 10:16 AM
BlueEyed OS

Bernd is still at trying to help along the BeOS community in his own ways… This time in the form of a revived BlueEyedOS Linux kernel distro based on Ubuntu, aptly titled Zebuntu. To quote a quote from OSNews (the original announcement is in German):

“Our goal is to use BlueEyedOS to offer a new platform for our former Zeta customers. In the future, Zeta, BeOS, as well as any future Haiku applications, will run natively on Zebuntu. This also offers a distinct advantage for developers for these platforms; they can use Zebuntu to develop for their platforms while utilising the performance and versatility of Linux.”

You can find an english language development blog here.

While many in the community may have a bad taste in their mouths for Bernd’s efforts in the BeOS community, I personally think this is a great new development - especially given the current state of needing Linux to compile Haiku (yeah, I know, that should go away soon - for those that can get Haiku or BeOS or Zeta to install in the first place on their modern hardware). But still, I use Ubuntu primarily on my laptop, and need a great deal of applications not available on BeOS/Haiku (and have Haiku in a VM on it), having a BeOS-flavored version of Ubuntu that will run BeOS/Zeta/Haiku apps is one less reboot for me (and that reboot is given I can actually one day install Haiku to the partition sitting waiting for it ;) ). I say kudos to this effort, and look forward to a release of the newest Ubuntu flavor! :)

Good Bye … Blue Eyes

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Posted by:BeGroovy Admin on Tuesday, 01 Feb, 2005 @ 9:46 PM
BlueEyed OSHaiku

…Who could hang a name on you?… Oh, wait, that’s Ruby Tuesday. :P

As many of you have probably already heard, it appears Blue Eyed OS is out of the OSBOS game. While it is sad to see a post-Be effort to die - the hidden silver lining, as told by Michael Olivera on the Haiku mailing list:

The remaining BlueEyedOS developers and me wants join in Haiku project.

So, while sad, this could give a few extra coders to strengthen (maybe speed up) Haiku development.

UPDATE 02/02/2005:

Seems that was a premature death call. From Guillaume himself:

It seems that Michael (Oliveira), our webmaster, concluded a ‘bit’ too quickly because the website www.BlueEyedOS.com is down for some days (due to a technical issue), that the BlueEyedOS is dead.
It is not.

He also mentions that Zeta has been a high priority for him lately, explaining his recent lack of activity.

What I do hope now that this non-death has gone public via the Haiku mailing list, is that communications between team members does increase, and we still see some of those developers helping out more in Haiku (and possibly vice versa) in the form of code/knowledge sharing and the like.

Open Tracker Now Compiles on BlueEyed OS

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Posted by:Jon on Tuesday, 04 May, 2004 @ 7:32 PM
BlueEyed OS

BlueEyed OS reported on their website that OpenTracker now compiles and links. The first compiled version only ran for about one second before crashing due to a storage kit issue, never the less this is a huge milestone. Congratulations to the BlueEyed OS team.

BlueEyedOS Update

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 26 Jun, 2003 @ 6:00 PM
BlueEyed OS

BeOS Journal caught the news on beunited.org about an update to BlueEyedOS, with an updated font rendering system and a new screen shot.

BlueEyed OS Updates

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 14 Apr, 2003 @ 1:41 PM
BlueEyed OS

BlueEyed OS has updated their site with a whole new look, and seemingly more content. In fact, according to their news page, they have a new iso on the way based on Knoppix which includes the latest version of their app server and such. It should be online as soon as they find hosting, followed closely by individual components. Hey guys - ibiblio.org is great and free hosting if you ever decide to free your project. In the meantime, keep up the interesting, if rather confidential, work.


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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 04 Apr, 2003 @ 2:17 PM
BlueEyed OS

According to some news recently posted to BeForever, B.E.OS (BlueEyedOS) will release a _version_ Real Soon Now (should be released in about 8 days, if the postings are correct). It is not an alpha or beta version (just a release to let people toy with), but it will autoconfigure hardware, run at 1024×768 res, and it will allow everyone to play with the B.E.OS window managing system. Should be a fun ride. :)

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