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BeGeistert 015 photo roundup

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Posted by:Cougar on Wednesday, 12 Oct, 2005 @ 8:24 PM
General News

Many photos are now online from some of the people who attended BeGeistert 015 “The 15th Commandment” in Duisburg, Germany last weekend. There were also some nice pictures of the scenery and the industrial buildings that were around where BeGeistert was being held. Follow the links below to view the image galleries.

Il tuo Sistema
Biffuz Blog
yab presentation
BeGeistert 15 (from Michael and Maurice)
BeGeistert 15

yT vs. Marcus - Speculate on this instead…

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 22 Aug, 2005 @ 7:33 AM
General News

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go look at the other BeOS/Haiku/Zeta sites out there. I’m not going to bother linking anything.

Yes, there’s controversy. Yes, there are some obvious issues between them. But it’s between them. Let it stay between them. yT has been doing very well in cleaning up their act with the community, and all in all, released a pretty good R1. And Marcus has been an invaluable asset to the community, not one of my machines hasn’t benefitted from something he’s developed. And, I’ve had my own spats with BOTH of them at one point in time in the distant BeOS past.

But this is their spat. Let them have it out, and we can all talk about it after the smoke clears. Right now, it’s all speculation, and that speculation is just fueling the community fires.

And speaking of speculation, Robert Wheeler sent this in over the weekend… seems that www.beos.com, owned by PalmSource (IP acquired in the takeover) has been renewed as recently as 18 Aug 2005. Likely, it’s just their legal department renewing domains without question of their actual need or use.

But still, let’s have a little fun and speculate on what _could_ be afoot there. ;)

General News Roundup.

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Posted by:Cougar on Monday, 28 Mar, 2005 @ 12:13 PM
General News

Lots of things have been going on in the BeOS/Zeta community, so lets see what I missed:

First, beunited.org is back online after having some server issues which caused the down time and looking for a new home. Now that they are back online the developers portal and other sections are available to the community again. It’s good to see beunited.org back to normal again.

yellowTab was at the OCS 2005 in Tokyo Japan during the 25 and 26 of March which was a few days ago. They were demonstrating Zeta 1.0 which is soon to be released, not sure of the exact date though. You can preview some pictures taken at OCS 2005 over at the BeBUG, more pictures will be available later at JPBE.net.

Over at Rudolf’s 3D weblog news, he has an update with some very good news on his progress. There’s a lot of info in his latest update, too much to post here, so I suggest you head on over to his blog to read it.

Michael Lotz also has another update over at his Haiku blog regarding his work on running the Haiku app_server. Currently his page seems to be down, so I suggest checking back later, but make sure you visit his page when it’s working again to read his latest update and to view a screenshot of the app_server running his MiniTerminal app which he made for testing the app_server. Seeing the app_server working like this is really neat.

LeBuzz on the road again

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Posted by:Cougar on Monday, 28 Feb, 2005 @ 10:13 AM
General News

Dane announced today over at the BuzzLog that the site will be moving again to another blogging system. The new page is located here http://www.xanga.com/lebuzz.

Dane explains the reason for the change:

We moved off blogger.com because we didn’t like the “Next Blog” feature in blogger.com’s navbar. It linked to pages from unrelated blogs that could contain anything from porn to spyware.

So check out the new site and make sure you update your website links and bookmarks.

Groovy New Year!!!

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Posted by:Yez on Friday, 31 Dec, 2004 @ 12:41 PM
General News

As the sun sets on the far side of the world and rises on this side, a new year is upon us. It is with a heavy heart that we say good-bye to 2004 on such a low note (see Haiku News for more info). We move in 2005 with high hopes of continued progress on Haiku, Java, and BeZilla. We would also like to send out our best wishes to all the great members of the incredible BeOS community. Take care everyone and continued success in all your endeavors!

The Haiku OS website is up

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Posted by:Yez on Tuesday, 22 Jun, 2004 @ 4:57 PM
General News

For those of you that are interested, the new version of the Haiku webiste is now up and running here. Personally, I really like the elegance of the logo. It certainly helps that the whole site is VERY well done and a pleasure to peruse! Congratulations Haiku Inc.

Final Requests for Max 3.1

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Posted by:Yez on Saturday, 15 Nov, 2003 @ 11:45 PM
General News

OK, Vasper has mentioned that BeOS Max v3.1 would be the LAST version that he puts together and now he is asking for any final requests before he builds the distro. Please, keep in mind that he is keeping it all as legal as possible so, any requests for illegal software such as BONE or the new app kit or Corum II will be ignored. So, get over there and make sure he has the drivers you need on his list of “things to include in v3.1.”

BeOS Developer Needed!

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Posted by:Yez on Monday, 03 Nov, 2003 @ 10:43 AM
General News

Dane from BeOS Radio is looking for a good BeOS developer for an important app. In a nutshell, Dane feels that BeOS needs a quality scheduling app that will allow a user to setup events that run apps periodically. Dane’s solution is a nice BeOS app that servers as a Cron configurator. Click here to read the whole article over at LeBuzz.

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