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Tuesday, 1-Apr-2008 02:54:37 EDT

Due to a very serious loss of our databases, we had to restore BeGroovy to a very old backup.
Parts of the site still do not work correctly, and comments have been lost. We are doing our best to restore full functionality as soon as possible.

Haiku is Self Hosting! By: Deej


Brought to you by Bruno

According to Bruno in an email to the Haiku mailing list, Haiku is now self hosting! Nevermind the date being April Fools, as he does acknowledge this, and states that this is no joke. This is a huge milestone, and worthy of much congratulations (and pizza, beer, paychecks, et al) to all those working hard on Haiku!
Posted Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - 12:05 PM [related link] Comments (0)

BeIA to Support Compaq Internet Appliance By: AllNew

Be, Inc.

Brought to you by Another Day, Another Press Release

Press release time. This time regarding Compaq's Interbet Appliance. Compaq seems to be trying to redefine themeselves, with the Internet Appliance market and the iPAQ. The Compaq Internet Appliance shown on CNN/FoxNews/MSNBC last night looked pretty stylish to me.
Posted Wednesday, August 16, 2000 - 3:41 PM [related link] Comments (0)

BeOS Mascot? By: AllNew

Be, Inc.

Brought to you by Loveable Plush Animals

There has been a buzz lately over a BeOS mascot (okay, slightly more than usual :) because of a favorable review's bee graphic. I'm thinking about making some mockups of various mascots, and then distributing them public domain. What ideas do you all have? Which animal? Should it be an animal? Anything else?
Posted Tuesday, August 15, 2000 - 8:20 PM [related link] Comments (38)

NVida GeForce Drivers to BeOS Soon With BeBits' Help By: AllNew

Developers News

Brought to you by They Always Say if NVida Can't Get the Job Done, Then Do It Yourself

BeBits, the famous BeOS software archive, has announced a "top secrect" project that will bring GeForce drivers to BeOS soon. They say six weeks. No URL was sent in the email announcement regarding this, so details are sketchy.

Here's the full announcement:

"BeBits has initiated a "top secret" project to bring GeForce drivers to the
BeOS. If all goes according to plan, there should be some official GeForce
drivers for the community in about 6 weeks. These drivers will be merged
into the BeOS source tree and will continue to be maintained by Be, Inc. as
well as show up in future BeOS releases.

You may be wondering why, after all this time, a GeForce driver is finally
on the way. The short answer is: Never underestimate the power of a bribe.
:-) More details will come to light once the driver is actually released.
Hang in there!

Please note that these drivers will be 2D only for now. NVidia is still
withholding the 3D specs. Perhaps once BeOS has a 2D driver NVidia will
change their mind when they start getting 10 or 15 BeOS e-mails a day.
(hint hint.. :-)"

As someone who uses a workstation with a GeForce card, it would be nice to have good drivers for it so I could use PersonalStudio to edit my videos.
Posted Tuesday, August 15, 2000 - 11:02 AM [related link] Comments (10)

Corum III Ships By: AllNew

Playin' Games!

Brought to you by Yet Another Game Article

The nice people at Next Generation Entertainment wrote to us that Corum III is now available for shipping from Gobe. Interested to see what Corum III is like? Check out this review by Nutcase. It pretty much tells you what Corum III is, what it is like, and what is isn't.
Posted Tuesday, August 15, 2000 - 10:44 AM [related link] Comments (2)

Doom Legacy to be ported to BeOS soon By: Nutcase

Playin' Games!

Brought to you by Updating the classics.. always a good idea. :)

Every since ID software released the source to their classic game DOOM ages ago, people have been working on it and improving it. Ages ago, while i was still trapped in windows, I signed up for a mailing list of one of the versions, Doom Legacy.

I just recieved an email on their mailing list about a new version, with the following paragraph:
Yes, you can believe us, here it is, at last! DooM Legacy v1.30 is now available for Dos, Linux and Win32 environments. A MacOS, BeOS and OS/2 version based on this new one will be released soon (I hope) in beta. Multiplayer TCP/IP will be fully compatible between all those versions!
So it sounds like we will not only have another port of Doom, but it will be one with lots of new features and still in development!
Posted Sunday, August 13, 2000 - 12:45 AM [related link] Comments (1)

FreeCraft, is it any good? By: AllNew

Playin' Games!

Brought to you by the time I wish I had to play games

There has been a frenzy of activity on BeBits concerning FreeCraft. I've heard over and over that FreeCiv is better than Civilzation (available to purchase for BeOS). So, how is FreeCraft compared to the real thing, Warcraft?
Posted Saturday, August 12, 2000 - 7:20 PM [related link] Comments (11)

5.0.3 update for R5 Personal By: Nutcase

Be, Inc.

Brought to you by patches? patches!? we don't need no stinking patches!!

Hmm. this seems interesting.
Posted Thursday, August 10, 2000 - 1:27 PM [related link] Comments (12)

BeDepot closing. By: Nutcase

Be, Inc.

Brought to you by software valet - getting more pointless everyday.

BeDepot is now sporting a notice that they will be closing down shortly, as new e-commerce providers have appeared for Be. They will stop taking orders in early October.

I always prefered BeDepot to other options because it was backed by a company with full phone support, and Be built software valet to deal with it. The "check for updates" feature of all my software is now dead. I am not sure how this effects the registrations of the BeDepot electronic-downloads of software.

Be, please release the specs/code that power BeDepot, so that the supposed alternatives can keep Software Valet from becoming a hassle. In the meantime, now would be a good time for a certain thirdparty installer/uninstaller to update to a new version. *cough*omicronsoft*cough*

Anyway. Take this for what its worth.
Posted Thursday, August 10, 2000 - 1:22 PM [related link] Comments (7)

Benru Software offers FREE "upgrade" to BeFinancial from BeMyCheckbook By: Nutcase


Brought to you by free stuff. sorta.

Benru Software, makers of BeFinancial, are offering a free "upgrade" to BeFinancial for users of BeMyCheckbook.

Benru says that they are offering this because
"we want to see the BeOS on every PC in the world. Making die-hard BeOS users pay twice for the same type of software is self-defeating. So, get your free copy of BeFinancial today and spend your $15 on another piece of BeOS software and help put BeOS everywhere!"
Fair enough then. ThunderMunchkin, the gauntlet has been thrown.
Posted Thursday, August 10, 2000 - 12:06 PM [related link] Comments (3)

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